Measure a Door with These Simple Steps

ScottEdwardsSeptember 2, 2014

Step 1: Measure the door�s width. The door�s width runs parallel to the ground. Take your measuring tape and bring it from one side of your door to the other. Mark this number down first.

Step 2: Measure the door�s height. The height of the door is from the top of the door to the bottom. Use your measuring tape along this length and record this number second.

Step 3: Measure the hinges. In order to measure the hinges, start with your tape measure at the top of the door and then measure to the top of the first hinge � this is the number you need to record for the first of three hinges. To record your second hinge, start with your tape measure at the top of the door again and measure all the way to the top of the second hinge. Repeat these steps to measure for the third hinge and record that number as well. You should have three different measurements, one for each hinge.

Step 4: Measure the doorknob�s location. The next item you must measure for is the location of the doorknob. Similarly, you will start with your tape measure at the top of the door and then bring it down, stopping at the top of the door knob or door handle. Record this number.

-Scott Edwards

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A door is actually sized by its frame opening which is usually an even dimension like 30" x 80", etc.. The door panel is made slightly smaller in all directions (the bottom gap is called an undercut) and beveled at the latch edge to facilitate a tight fit when closed. The bevel is hidden by the door stop.

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