Will QuatroPro spreadsheet still work..

papillon1September 1, 2012

If I get a new computer that has Windows 7 on it? I have a large spreadsheet that I use to track my orchids collection. If I get a new computer and it has Windows 7 will I be able to copy & still use the QuatroPro spreadsheet? Thanks

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If you install Wordperfect office on the new computer it should work like it always has. I have installed an older version of Wordperfect office on my 64 bit Windows 7 computer with no problem.

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If you can install Quattro pro on your new machine and you're happy with it, so be it.

If you can't or if you want to try something different, here's a simple alternative you can try now on your old machine:

1. Save your worksheet in a Microsoft Excel format (it should be done by doing Save As). Put it into a different folder than where you keep your normal file.

2. Download and install Open Office (it's a free, open source and easy to use suite of programs including word processing, spreadsheets, etc)

3. Start the spreadsheet module, and open the second copy of your spreadsheet that you saved as an excel file.

4. Try making entries and using it as normal, see what you think.

Quattro Pro and Word Perfect are really bottom tier products these days. Even something free (Open Office) is considered by many to be of higher quality and preferable to use.

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Thanks for your replies. I will try your suggestion snidely.

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