Floor is Grouted at Last!

enduringNovember 8, 2012

I have finished the floor (except for the caulking of the tub and threshold). I used Laticrete Spectralock Pro Premium epoxy grout. I mixed a custom color using 1 part Silver Shadow and 3 parts Platinum. I may have been able to just use the Platinum and been happy, but I thought I'd do this just to make sure the grout line had some contrast.

I know I have posted this floor a lot in varying degrees of completion but here are some more pictures.

Grouted but threshold not caulked yet:

Samples of Silver Shadow and Platinum grout colors and the blend that I used:

To get to this point in the bathroom remodel, and the floor in particular, the steps involved include:

1. re enforce the existing joist with hangers

2. add new joist (old corn crib wood from the turn of the last century, and it was beautiful) to make 10" o.c. joist.

3. secure the new joist to the subfloor and T&G floor from above with screws.

4. Add exterior 3/8" grade plywood to existing 2 layers of subfloor and fir T&G original floor. Screwed every 4" o.c. throughout (I forgot I was told to do 6" o.c.). Thanks Bill V. for help in designing this floor prep.

5. Laid floor heating wire, 2 temp sensors, plastic lathe, SLC

6 Ditra-Set (unmodified) to set the Ditra and to set the tile

7. Tile was cut using Mongoct's fantastic formula to achieve the correct tile width needed for the herringbone design to fit/layout correctly. He also gave great instructions in laying out the herringbone.

8. Laid tile with 1/4" grout spacing.

9. Cleaned all the thinset out between the tiles really well.

  1. Used 2 coats of Miracle 511 penetrating sealer.

  2. TODAY GROUTED, as per instructions!

This floor was a laborious effort and many people on GW (bathroom and remodel forums for the most part) have helped me problem solve issues and instructed me on the how to. Thanks so much everyone.

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Wow, that is an amazing job!!

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Beautiful! Love it! Nice looking tub too :)

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Wow, that looks fantastic, but it makes me tired just thinking about how much work it must have been. :)

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This floor is fantastic. You are a POWERHOUSE DIYer! Awesome job.

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Thanks you guys. It was a big project for me. I have never tiled a floor before and never used Spectralock epoxy.

I had yesterday and today off from work. Yesterday I insisted my DH stick around while I did this in case I needed his help. Right away as I was stirring with my margin trowel (he just got on the phone) I started yelling for his help to stir. I hadn't got out the monster stirrer that I use for thinset, the only stirrer I have. I figured how hard could it be to stir the gallon of grout? Grateful he was there, he helped me finish the stirring. I then commenced grouting, with a lot of grunting. Every once in a while he would call from the next room saying that it must be hard work as he could hear me working hard. I didn't realize until close to the end of the 50sqft just how tired I was getting. One thing I did, because I new that I could be short of grout, was to not grout in a few hidden areas that could wait for another application down the road, such as the grouting of the toilet cut out, and underneath the areas where the cabinets will go. In the end I was able to go back and fill in where the cabinets will go. I also initially ask my DH to get a ziplock baggie so I could put in about 1/2 cup of grout and store in the freezer. That went in to the freezer yesterday as I was grouting and I just now broke off a few pieces to fill in a couple spots that were depressed from my fingers or toes as I was cleaning the joints and tiles yesterday. Today I have about 8 spots I am filling with this frozen batch. I just did the "initial wash" with a few cups of H20 which had a couple tablespoons of white vinegar added. So far so good. The company doesn't recommend freezing their product but there are several tilers on the JB forum that have done this successfully. If it shells off over the years it will be no big deal as it was corrections on barely noticeable divots.

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Axxis Rose, the tub is a Kohler Bellwether, the new version that came out this year. It is of standard dimensions. The original model is not standard, and while it looks like this one from the outside, it is configured differently on the inside. The old one is also taller. This one is 14", too shallow for a lot of folks but perfect for getting kids and dogs in and out.

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Enduring, that looks really great. What a beauteous floor! I predict you will like the epoxy grout. Nice going!

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great looking floor!

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It looks so good!!!

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I love this epoxy already! Thanks Angie, Desersteph, and cat_mom for the complements, it was a GW team effort, that is for sure.

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The pictures are missing because I rearranged my folders with understanding that the links would get lost. A GWer asked that I provide pictures so I thought I'd do it on the thread.

"grouted but not caulked yet"

"Samples of Silver Shadow and Platinum grout colors and the blend that I used: "

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enduring, I've heard a lot about the herring bone pattern taking more tile and also taking more labor. The guy that did my herringbone in my kitchen seemed to indicate it was no big deal. He was going to charge me the same either way. (I think he may have wanted to do the herringbone plank porcelain floor because he likes to do different things.)
Would you say a job doing herringbone takes more labor and tile? i.e. do you think a contractor is justified in charging more for the Herringbone? than for a staggered subway pattern for example? Just curious.

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My all-time favorite floor on GW.

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I love it, enduring.

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Glad you reset the links. I love your floor!

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Great job , love the grout colour .

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elphaba, yes I do think it takes more attention to install. Though at the point I did this floor my only other tile job was my herringbone backsplash that I had done the year before in the kitchen. So I am only guessing that it is more labor intensive. I was cutting my teeth tiling with the herringbone pattern, so who knows.

shanghaimom, no way, really? Thank you so much.

Pipdog, thanks for the love encore!

Divodiva, glad the pictures were described in my original post so I could find them again.

Lillo, thanks for the complement, that grout color is an age old family secrete recipe ;) No, its one part Silvershadow and 3 parts Platinum. Laticrete colors in the epoxy grout.

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