Laundry Room Next to Master Closet?

Parkview603September 28, 2012

Our floor plan has a laundry room off the garage and no mudroom. With 2 kids and pets we want to make the current laundry room a mudroom and then re-arrange some things to move the laundry next to the master closet.

If you have done this, do you like it? I keep telling myself that the laundry room doesn't HAVE to be off the garage (like ours is currently and where most online plans put it) but I just can't visualize it on the other side of the house! It would be open to the master bath on one side and the master closet on the other.


We are changing a few things, but I attached a link to our base plan so you can see what I'm referring to.

Here is a link that might be useful: House Plan

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Our master bathroom opens to our closet which opens to the laundry/mudroom off the garage. You wouldn't have this exactly.... but I still have the experience of a master closet adjacent to the laundry room to comment on:

It is so sensible for us, and I looooooooooooove this setup. I would not want to live in a house with anything different. It looks like your laundry would still be accessible to you if you are the type who wants it near the kitchen. For us, having it right next to the closet makes laundry so incredibly easy (we don't have kids, but your kids rooms are on a different floor anyway.)

Do you guys come in from the garage with dirty things you need to throw in the washer? Would it be annoying to take dirty kids clothes from mudroom to laundry room?

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Parkview-I know you've seen what we are considering and even though we don't have it yet it is one of the things I was excited about. Right now our laundry is right off the garage - no mudroom. It is actually in the 1/2 bath - extremely TIGHT and I HATE it. My kids are younger and if they are ever filthy they strip right there and we throw it in. That is an issue less and less as they've grown (7 and 10). In the future they'd likely just strip right there and we'd carry it in a basket to the washer.

Long term I think we will like the laundry over by the master instead of in the mudroom area for a couple of reasons:
It's not on public display....most of our guests - especially neighbor kids come in through the garage entry. This way your sorted clean/dirty piles are not on public display. Or if you are soaking something it will be undisturbed. I think that is a positive. Plus no baskets to trip over, get in the way.

If it was combined with the mudroom - no worries about dropping clean clothes on a floor that the kids just kicked their dirty shoes off on or the dog just dripped drink water all over. I can see that now already....

Blocking it out for now but someday they will have girlfriends and that could be uncomfortable for them to walk through and see mom/dads/boyfriends underthings.

When they are grown and out - perfect location. I am not wishing it away but we are planning on the forever home so I am taking that into consideration.

I am hoping to be able to incorporate something like lolauren with a walk through to the closet from the laundry room....

My 2 cents. ;)

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No the laundry room doesn't need to be next to the garage. How often have you ever carried a bunch of laundry in from the garage to wash it? Or carried a bunch of clean laundry out to the garage to put it away? LOL.

The only reason laundry rooms in many on-line plans are next to the garage is that many designers still think in terms of women tending to the laundry WHILE they slave away in the kitchen all day and there IS a good reason to have the kitchen near the garage(carrying bags of groceries in from the car) so the laundry winds up there too.

It was probably sensible to have the laundry near the kitchen back in the days when very few women worked outside of their homes, and most spent hours and hours in their kitchen every single cooking meals, baking fresh bread, and canning produce from their gardens. Plus, in the early days of washing machines, one had to pretty much 'babysit' the washing machine because they tended to get out of balance easily and you had to start the machines and then come back and laundry powder and bleach after the tub filled and then come back again to add fabric softeners at the start of the rinse cycle, etc.

Nowadays tho, the biggest chore related to washing clothing is getting the laundry TO the machine and then getting the clean clothes back into closets. And no woman I know spends hours and hours in her kitchen everyday any more. So IMHO, it makes much more sense to have the washer/dryer close to the bedrooms/bathrooms because that is where 90% of laundry originates and that is where 90% of clean laundry is stored.

However, with your design it appears that the master closet is only accessible by going thru the master bedroom. Not sure what revisions you're planning to make but will they result in the laundry room being accessible without having to go thru the master bedroom??? Your children may be too small to do their own laundry now but, when they get older, I'm sure you're going to want them to learn to be responsible for caring for their own clothing. To do so, they are going to need to be able to get to the washer/dryer without having to go thru your bedroom.

Besides which, I don't think a 4 bedroom (4 SUITE) house where the laundry can only be accessed via the master suite would be very easy to sell if/when you ever decide to put this house on the market.

Personally, I'd revise the upstairs area to put the main laundry room up there. If you were to close up the two-story great room OR the two-story entry, you would have plenty of room for a second floor laundry. Then I might consider adding a stacking washer/dryer in the master closet so I could do mine and DH's dirty laundry without lugging it up/down stairs.

Finally, I know you didn't ask for comments on your elevation, but before you settle firmly on the plan you posted, you might want to take a look at the attached link (which was first found and posted here on GW by CamG.) It summarizes some of the principles of good exterior design. At least take a look at pages 22 thru 37.

I know everyone's tastes are different, but honestly, in my opinion the exterior elevation of the house you've chosen could serve as a poster child for many of the design faux pas perpetuated by spec-builders pushing mini-McMansions. Shutters that don't fit the windows they are attached to, an excessive number of gables resulting in a needlessly complex roof-line, far too many decorative design elements thrown together (faux archtop windows bay windows, a round window, double hung windows; quoins, arched keystone pediments, a splayed copper roof over the bay window, decorative attic vents...including one on a garage gable that leads to a section of garage attic that isn't even accessible, full cornice return on one gable, terminating cornice returns on the other), and all of that topped off with a double height entry because otherwise one wouldn't be able to find the front door.

Somehow it reminds me of the sorts of bridesmaid's dresses sometimes selected by very young brides.... too many frills and furbelows and no sense of classic style, proportion or grace.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Value of Design

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We revised our plan to remove the laundry from its space next to the garage. We made our room into a dog room/mudroom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, it is one of my favorite features of the house. We have a grooming tub, fridge and sink on one side of the room and cubbies on the other.

We then put one laundry room upstairs (into what used to be a very oversized linen and walk-in closet) and put a stacked washer/dryer outside of the master closet.

I love my mudroom!

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Alex House

Bevangel does a good job in making the case for a laundry-centric placement, that is, put the laundry room where it best enhances the laundry experience.

However, the space within a home is a combination and compromise between competing interests, so a case can be made which has you analyzing how you use the spaces and the size of the spaces with respect to frequency of use and intensity of use and other factors that play off of space usage and then prioritizing your space usage.

The laundry room has to go somewhere so determine who important ease of use is to you compared to what you have to sacrifice from other activities/spaces in order to get that ease of use. Moving the laundry room buys you mudroom or kitchen space and costs you master bedroom space. Moving it to the second means that some other space has to be sacrificed.

I don't do small loads and I don't do laundry frequently because, to me, the job of laundry is not directly proportional to the amount of laundry, so to minimize my time spent doing laundry I do big loads. This means that the convenience of having the laundry right next to my closet diminishes in appeal. I'd rather have a bigger closet or bath or living room or bedroom than have a convenient laundry room and so my laundry room goes to an area that doesn't have as many conflicting space usage demands.

A young family that does laundry every day is going to be seeing this situation differently and will value the compromise differently.

My point is that there are conflicting desires for space within a house so this decision shouldn't, I believe, be evaluated only on what makes for the best laundry experience.

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We put a full size laundry room upstairs - huge room with shelves/hanging space, etc but then did a stackable washer/dryer within the master bath/closet area (first floor master). We are only in the house a week and a half, and it's the BEST thing ever :)

In our old house, we had an upper master w/ laundry right outside our bedrooms. So, it was very convenient. We didn't want to lost that, but wanted to avoid the lugging of hampers up/down. Plus, we wanted 2 washer dryers bc it makes life easier if we can get 2 loads done at once. So, we opted for 2 locations in the house that are convenenient to where we are and then one big one for storage/kids stuff, etc

I have no clue why people put it in the mudroom/off the garage away from where laundry is. But, it's been the trend the last several years in my area. I know some people love it, and it definietly works for them. But, we prefer to have the w/d where the laundry is so we don't have to haul laundry anywhere. This set up has worked out great so far!


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Hi Parkview-

Here are a couple of pics that I love for organization and using vertical space. I know I found some on here also but can't get to my clippings right now (only have a sec on my lunch break). I think it would be harder to achieve with a combined mudroom/laundry although my space will not be this large either but I hope to incorporate some of the ideas:

It's from this blog iheartorganizing:

Here is a link that might be useful: Organization Blog

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I recommend a small stacked washer/dryer in the master suite & a normal size laundry near other bedrooms. Your personal things don't get mixed with the kids' & it's SO easy to put your stuff away & hang it all up. It's a little spendier but you could always put the hook ups in & then buy W/D later.

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i installed my laundry center inside my master bdrm closet. clothes come out and get hung right up where they belong. it's heavenly! i strip in the closet and can treat stains et al right there as i get showered and changed.

there's also a stacked unit downstairs in the mudroom for household/horse stuff.

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Since the master is on the first floor and the other bedrooms are on the 2nd, someone is going to be toting laundry.

I don't even think about our laundry being in our mudroom. We don't, though, have stacks of laundry there very often. We do the laundry and then it goes back to wherever it belongs.

I definitely would *not* consider any option that didn't include a not-through-the-master way of doing laundry. My kids, starting at 11 or 12, did their own laundry--and I wouldn't want them going through my bedroom to do it. (Especially not as they got older and were doing laundry at odd hours.)

Even as a secondary laundry, I wouldn't have wanted to give up *any* closet space to a w/d in the master closet area.

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Thanks for all the insight! We have ultimately decided to use a different plan (of course!) and keep the main laundry by the kitchen/playroom but then do a small stacked set by the master closet. I figure with two little ones I will be near the kitchen and playroom often but will still want to keep my laundry access in the closet.

Bevangel -
I did read that article a few weeks ago when it was posted - and I agree that McMansions are all over the place - but I don't know how to find plans or examples of GOOD design?? We actually have a new plan that is similar to the one I posted but still has some of the things you mentioned in poor design. Honestly, I don't want our house to be I don't know where the balance is.

If you have any links to pictures of well designed exteriors, I would love to look through them.

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