How to Put a Site on my Desktop

blueheronSeptember 25, 2010

I would like to transfer the Ebay icon to my desktop so that I can just click on it to visit the site. How do I do that? I have an HP desktop with Windows XP.

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Where is this Ebay icon now? Was it installed by another application? If yes, then maybe you can just click-drag from it's present location and drop it on the desktop. Why not just save the site in your favorites/bookmark list and launch it from there after you open your web browser?

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I have XP and I just right click on the icon to get a move option. The move option includes the desktop.

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But I don't have the icon now. How do I create the icon from the site?

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If I understand what you want, just right click somewhere on the desktop, select New, then select Shortcut. In the location, type Click Next, then give it a name (like Ebay). Then click finish.

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I figured it out myself - I just bookmarked Ebay and moved the icon to the desktop from the bookmark list.

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No disrespect intended, but IMHO you are taking something very easy and attempting to make it difficult by doing what you describe. You're not supposed to "create the icon from the site"'s just not made to work that way. Even if you don't want to make a bookmark, all you have to do is open the browser and type--- --- in the web address and press enter. What could be easier than that? I am making an assumption here that you are not visually or physically impaired. If you are, please say so and with the group's help we'll explore ways to ease this process for you.

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I'm glad you found the solution. I was having difficulty understanding why you were trying to accomplish the task in the way you described.

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Hi folks!

For future reference, do it the easy way. Type ebay into your browser, minimize the page, place your cursor (mouse) on the ebay icon next to the search engine (address bar), left click and drag the icon to your desktop and release. You will get a default icon for whatever browser you are icon and not the ebay icon. By the way, it is actually called a favicon. The only favicons that will show up on your browser "as is" are the ones from downloaded programs.


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IE9 you drag that clover address bar favicon from garden weeb to your desktop .. you get the gardenweb shorcut with a clover icon on your desktop.

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What do you mean "type eBay into the browser?" In the ISP address? Or where?

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The simplest thing is to bookmark the site and put it in the Toolbar folder (Firefox) or on the Favorites bar (Internet Explorer) when you save it. That way it is always visible at the top whenever you open your browser. If you are really into visiting eBay frequently, you could even set it as your home page in any browser.

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This is an image of my browser search engine. See the clover that mikie is talking about? Just place your cursor (mouse) on top of the favicon and drag it to an open space on your desktop.

@ mikie, I love that idea. But, I've heard that all the bugs haven't been fixed in the BETA IE9 just yet and that's why they released it for a test drive to the public from the IT Manager at work so I'm hesitant to try it.

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It has some bugs.. but i have not seen anything serious.. page will freeze and say page coding error.. most popular bug. Some of the features are fully activated,, download a file, if you save it with the new nifty cool .. Save as... the button to open folder to get to that file easy.. doesnt work... hehe.

Some new things you have to get used to.. dragging tabs has some new tricks.

I really like it.. Fast to open, fast to close.. fast webpage loads. Lots of window space.. shrunk the top bars... dont need the bottom info bar anymore.. has popups there and cant think of word.. like hover bubbles for urls=cool.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

but of course IE9 is NOT for any of the xp family, and as stated in original post this is an xp pc.

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If you place a direct access icon for a portal to any site on the Desktop there should be no problem. Just be aware if it is an icon specifically assigned to a certain page within the site it may be time sensitive, and expire without warning.


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