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Pooh BearSeptember 1, 2013

We are thinking of getting a new TV soon. We watch a lot of TV.
We have subscriptions to Hulu+ and Netflix. We have a Roku box.
Not all TV shows are available on Hulu+ on the Roku box.
Some shows are web only thru Hulu+ or web only directly from the website.
Could we watch these web only programs on an internet connected TV?


Pooh Bear

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See if there is any help here.

Here is a link that might be useful: internet-tvs-review.toptenreviews

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We watch Dateline and 48 hours on the internet and think of this as fairly routine. [We've a laptop hooked up p a TV screen and all our internet is usually done this way so clicking on a bookmark for Dateline is a little bit easier than OTA. This way one can pause to go to the bathroom, a convenience not offered by OTA.]

There are many, many TV shows on the internet of dubious legality. I amused myself with them until I got a nasty bug and gave it up. Some syndicated shows and MSNBC were fairly reliable but the quality was poor.

ESPN3 and the C-spans seems safe and reliable. Public radio has some good audio only broadcasts.

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Pooh Bear

What I'm asking is, when I go on Hulu+ some of the shows are not available for streaming to my Roku box, but are available to watch "internet only" as in on a computer or laptop (and hopefully an internet connected TV). And some shows aren't available on Hulu+ But they are available on the network's website. I can watch them on my computer or laptop no problem. But can I watch them on an internet connected TV?

Pooh Bear

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Web Access
Although each TV has access to the internet, be aware that each one can access a varying number of websites. The best smart TVs come with Wi-Fi already set up. The applications a TV offers can also be a deal breaker, since not all TVs offer the same apps. Each TV comes with different apps that the manufacturer has already installed. If you want to use Netflix and Facebook, you obviously won't want to consider TVs that don't offer those apps. The best app options include manufacturer-installed apps and an app store that will allow you to purchase additional apps. Several of the TVs we reviewed have access to app stores, but others did not.

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