Towel warmers

genie73November 23, 2009

I'd like to hear from people who have towel warmers (hardwired with timers preferably). Do you really like the comfort factor or was it a waste of money?

I really like the idea of them but find them quite expensive so I'm wondering how much value there is in them.


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We have one and it's great. I think we paid $200 for it. Some are very expensive, and THAT would be a waste of money. Try Warmrails brand on

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What about installed on the wall vs free standing ones?

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efaucets has a sale right now and the cheapest (and smallest) amba model is a little more than 200.00 using their "secretsale" coupon code.

I had my eye on a larger one but couldn't justify the cost. I just measured out the smallest one to get an idea and it could warm/dry a single bath towel.

Here is a link that might be useful: amba at efaucets

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Worth it for me. I got the Vauxhall freestanding which I keep plugged into a timer.

Here in the Deep South, it isn't particularly about the luxury of a warm towel after the shower but instead is about as important that the towels get dry after use and prevent the musty smell. From that point, I absolutely love it. I only wash the towels every 5-6 days or so and keep 4 towels on the rack at a time. Also nice to have the handtowel dry and warm.

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The ones I'm looking at are hardwired into the walls on a timer. They cost upwards of $600 CDN (the lowest end model). I hate musty smelling towels and think it would be awesome to slip into a warm robe (you can be get hook accessories) after a bath/shower.

It's a complete luxury but it sounds like most people like them.

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I have an Amba/Jeeves towel warmer and I love it! Well worth the cost. It is wonderful to grab a nice warm towel after getting out of the shower. And that musty towel problem you mentioned is a thing of the past.

I had originally ordered a Warmrails from Amazon (satin nickel finish). I chose the brand because people on this forum generally seemed to like them and they aren't too expensive as far as towel warmers go. I ended up sending it back because the finsh was in very poor condition... scratched/pitted/abraded in several places. This may or may not be a problem with some other finishes Warmrails offers, or maybe I just received a rare lemon, but I have no way of knowing for sure. I suspect, however, that with towel warmers, like so many other items, it's a case of "you get what you pay for", because the more expensive brand we wound up with is so much nicer.

After sending the Warmrails back to Amazon, I ordered the Amba/Jeeves from Vintage Tubs. HUGE improvement. It has a much higher quality finish and seems sturdier/weightier. As soon as I saw the difference in quality, I did not regret spending the additional money for the Amba/Jeeves at all. The electrician hardwired it to the wall for us and installed the Aube programmable timer we purchased.

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We've had the Warmrails Kensington ($150 on Amazon) for a couple years and love it. It comes in a hardwired version, but we got the plug-in kind and added our own timer (all neatly concealed behind the door in our tub surround). No issues with the finish quality.

I do really enjoy the warm towels...they wick away the water much better. On the occasion when I shower when the timer is off I really notice the difference and miss them. Between that and the heated tile floors you could call me fully spoiled, I suppose. :-p

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So how long does it take to warm a towel?
Is 5-10 minutes while you're showering enough?
Or do you need to plan in advance?

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I'm looking at the ICO Tuzio Savoy and the Tuzio Blenheim.

They are on a 20 min timer. Sweeby, I'm not sure how long they take but I'd think that if I turn it one before getting into the shower the towel would be warm for when I get out. Once I'm done drying off, I'd set it again to dry the towel. I've never had one before, I'm just assuming.

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I've been reading up on towel warmers and most companies suggest to leave them on all the time. They take about the same electricity as a lightbulb. They suggest the programmable type for something like a vacation house, where you will be gone for long intervals.

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From what I have heard, if you don't want to leave them on all the time, you can add a timer. The timer can be set to come on a few hours before a bath to warm the towel and then turn off a few hours later when the towel is dry.

I just bought a Warmrails Regent from Amazon for $119.99. It was the best price I could find and shipping was free. It is not installed yet so unfortunately I can't give a review but I can give an update once it is in, if anyone is interested.

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We have one Warmrails wall-mounted warmer from eFaucets and my wife's parents have two. All three seem to function just fine. I usually turn it on as I'm getting into the shower, and the towel is ready when I get out. We don't leave it on all the time.

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With ours, 5-10 minutes starts to warm the towels, but they're not fully warm. Don't know how long it does take, as I've not done that experiment.

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A towel warmer is a luxury item but it can serve many purposes such as a space heater.If you go to Italy or England, you will find that a towel warmer is actually used to dry towels and not just to warm them up. Most towel warmers, are very efficient and use about the same amount of electricity as two light bulbs. I would recommend installing a programmable timer. Amba is well known for building a high quality towel warmer at a reasonable price.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amba Towel Warmers

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