I got caught!

barb_roselover_inSeptember 1, 2014

Have had my scanner/copier for quite a long time. My daughter bought it for me and she and all my savvy grandkids don't live around me anymore. Staples going out of buriness here but I hurried over and bought a new one. It seems to me that when I finally find someone to get it in the house for me, that somehow I have to enter it so that my computer recognizes it and I can get my information. Can anybody enlighten me so that I can understand because sad to say, I'm not a technical wizard by any means. Thanks for any thoughts in advance. Barb

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This is an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner machine?
Make and model?
Is it wireless? Most today seem to be.
Do you have either a wifi modem or router?

When you open the box there should e a quick install paper in there giving the basic details on how to proceed. Take a look, it should not be a difficult task.

Very likely (especially if HP) you'll be asked to insert the DVD first then follow along with the onscreen prompts.

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Thank you,owbist, for taking the time to answer my plea. Son is going to try and help me tomorrow. I feel so dumb, but I surely want to thank you for taking the time to try and help. It is a HP and not wireless. Will hopefully let my son take it from here. Very frustrating. Barb

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