Stupid me, & getting a new knee

eaglemom100November 9, 2012

I can't believe what I did today. The guest bathroom that I've wanted to remove the wallpaper from for 4 years - well, today I started that project. It wouldn't be too bad - except that I'm getting a new knee next week. Why oh why did I start this? Thankfully its a small bathroom. I'd hoped I could remove the wallpaper and paint immediately - but I'm afraid I need to do something to the walls prior to painting.

What do I need to do? They aren't 100% smooth - do I have to float the walls, and with what product? Then I can paint?

My rule is I can sit on the floor & get up only once (knee thing) stand until I need to sit and only go up/down ladder one time. (this is per day) I'm thrilled to have started but not the smartest thing I've ever done.

What colors are "in" for calming guest baths? Floor is 18"diagonal tile that is staying, as is the tub / surround which is white subway tiles. The cabinets are oak.

DH walked in on me - two ice bags on both legs scraping the wall. His comment - he shook his head, gave me a hug and said this is exactly why I love you! Help

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Are there patches of wallpaper left, or just spots of glue? depending on how rough, you might need to keep scraping. But I found a great product to use over the scraped, stripped wall: zinsser Gardz. It seals everything so it can be painted.

Best of luck with your surgery!

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I've used Zinzer's Gardz too and it is for sealing off things such as paste, sealing new drywall, etc, check it out. It is clear in color.

I would leave the work until either you are totally healed or can hire it done. Hate to see you having neck surgery instead :)

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Yes, I've very quickly come to realize that the old knee isn't up to finishing the room. And I'll be darned if the new knee will have a project waiting for it to heal!!! hiring it to be done.

The good thing is if walls are being done, why not install new counter top? Its not larger so not expensive. It seems logical to me!!! Which leads to back splash which is where the "pop" color from the room will come from.

DH is agreeable to anything - he doesn't want me doing it. Love that man!!! Off to choose granite reminent. eagle

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I am just finishing up a small bathroom reno I've been tinkering with for several years. I was working as an alarm tech/central vacuum installer, so I'm no stranger to kneeling but since I've been working on the bathroom more one of my knees is absolutely killing me! I'll be glad when it's done.

The walls I didn't tile had horrendous wallpaper (isn't it all?) covering up even more horrendous '80s sponged paint (it made the hole bathroom look like a green underwater cave.) My stepson used one of those spiked rollers to get the majority of the wallpaper off, but he's pretty heavy handed so there were lots of little holes in the drywall.

In the end it might have been better to redo the drywall so I could insulate it better (outside wall) and put blocking in for towel rails, but I just sanded and skimmed, sanded and skimmed. I put a damp cloth on bits where paper still remained. I used an eggshell finish bathroom paint with a long nap roller so it has some nice, forgiving fine texture.

I'm pleased to say the wall's probably better than new. I used two coats of Kilz stain blocker over the ugly paint and two top coats. Kilz is white and quick drying, it may be a better option for you.

My reno project grew from replacing a cheap, ugly non-corner vanity that was jammed into a corner - a long weekend job in 2007, to redoing the whole thing except the shower, which I refinished. Lack of money and motivation kind of put it on the back burner til this summer past. It is a good feeling to be this close to finishing.

If you don't hire anyone, just take it easy. You'll be able to do lots just standing, and I assume some standing is good for you.

Since it's only a guest bathroom, it's not essential to life. Take your time, it'll be there!

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Fori is not pleased

Don't tell the new knee what is waiting for it, and don't rush anything. It's just a bathroom! :)

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