Double Oven Help Needed

mewsOctober 23, 2012

Hi, I am new to this forum and would greatly appreciate any help.

I having been scouring the web looking for info to help me with a purchase of a 27 inch double electric oven. I am not looking for the very top of the line, but would like something that is higher end.

I am totally confused by the conflicting things I am reading online, in Consumer Reports and being told by the appliance salesmen. I have been told that the Thermador is best in the $3000 price range, but I have read the problems when you use the self-cleaning feature. The same applies to the Kitchen Aid. One salesman suggested the Electrolux and another the Dacor.

Since I am replacing a 20 year old appliance, I am sure that anything I buy will be a great improvement. However, I don't want headaches with the electrical circuits as a result of using the self-cleaning feature. I also don't want heat emanating from the oven when I cook, as I have read with some ovens.

I am also concerned with the interior space of the ovens. There are some bake pans that don't fit into my 27 inch oven now, and I see that some ovens (like the Thermador) have narrower usable interior space as a result of the interior metal brackets). Also, I can't rework my cabinet space and the new oven needs to fit into the allocated 25 1/2 space.

Can anyone make some recommendations to me? Thank you!!

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Electrolux, and the higher-end of the two double 27" ovens is probably worth the small increment in price, if only for the second glide-out rack in each oven. I've explained why I like these in other threads (use search) so won't repeat here, beyound really quickly - reasonable price, good controls, glide-out racks, good interior lighting, open-door broiling for good results, high-quality feel, quiet.

But you'll probably get as many opinions as people though.

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I have the Electrolux double ovens, and have been very happy with the performance as well. Even baking, love the roll out racks, nice lighting, etc. You'll find more than one post from me if you're searching as the above poster suggested. If you have specific questions, please feel free to pm me.


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I have the 30" Electrolux double oven and I admit I haven't put it through it's paces yet. I've only had it 3 weeks and I've only done simple stuff. But it does stay very cool to the touch on the outside.

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Thank you for all your responses.

I actually came across another thread that compared the various ovens which I found quite helpful. I am leaning toward the Electrolux based upon what I have read on the forums and CR's ratings. It's funny, though, that none of the salesmen I spoke to recommended it. All of them suggested Thermador at the top of their list.

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I like Thermador's old design from years back better than their new one. Especially with the outdoor-venting option that no new ovens seem to have. Cook at high temps and your kitchen would stay cool. Open-door broiling, simple knob controls, gasketless doors, and simple rotary knob controls sealed the deal. Now they're just like everyone else's ovens.

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Hi Mews,

You said "not the very top of the line.... but.....higher end".

Gently directing you to pretty high on the line, but not the most expensive: LaCanche makes a stove with 2 ovens that is 27 inches wide and you have a choice of colors. Simple electronics, and most of us GWers-lusting-after-Lacanches hope to get at least 20 years out of them with only minor maintanance. Rully is the model w/ 2 ovens and there is a nice selection of stove top configurations. Per GWers, the after-purchase service has been fantastic.


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I've had my 30" Elecrtolux double ovens for 4 years now and have been very pleased with the performance. Love the glide racks. True temperature. Good lighting. My only complaint is I wish there were two timers. I think the models following mine might have them. But, that's a minor complaint!

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