Here Comes Windows 8

DA_MccoySeptember 13, 2011

This article reports no official release, but it does report 2012.

I personally anticipate the usual release delays. If I were to guess I would pick Christmas 2012 at the earliest.


Here is a link that might be useful: CNN Money

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Hope I can keep my XP desktop going until then. I have considered replacing it with one using Win 7, but with Win 8 that close, I think I'll wait.

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If you switched to PCLinuxOS you would not have to worry about buying windows 8 or anything...Because, it is free a better. Easier too- no virus- no defrag- no windows update trouble-no malware.. Just smooth system!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I found this XP reference interesting:

"Windows 7, which has been on the market for two years, only recently eclipsed Microsoft's decade-old Windows XP in its number of users."

If MS had previously announced this I missed it.


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Not surprising it has taken so long. Most users of XP have been completely satisfied with it, and many businesses still have not changed. With support lasting until 2014 (is this correct?) it's easy to skip not just one, but two OS upgrades.

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I think grandms is right, XP has been very successful except in the eyes of the traditional MS bashers.

Perhaps too Office 2007 and 2010 with their very different screens help keep folks with XP and Office 2003 rather than have steep learning curves and productivity losses. Just speculation on my part but quite possible.

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Or was it that the XP version was at the right place at the right time? On one end of the time line was W95 and W98 which were limited as computing advancements moved forward. On the other end the using public was not prepared for the advancements advanced O/Ss provided. Many users were newbies and/or seniors who "grew up " with XP and developed a comfort zone they didn't want to leave.

People point out Vista as a failure. It was not. It kicked off the door of XP, and ushered in a clear entry for W7. The hurdles it faced were the exact same ones I identified above.

In life, as well as business, timing is everything.


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I used to replace my PC every 2 years just to keep up on new technology. I have used W98, ME, and Xp which I loved. It was faster, resources stayed, no rebooting to be able to do some jobs. I kept it longer than the other PCs, but it died and then it was Vista which didn't cause me any problem except a white page occasionally. Now it's W7 and no problem after I got over missing a couple of things, especially the quick launch bar. I kept Googling until I found a way to put folders down there. I learned to use the quick access bar in WLM and Word which helped. I like it as well as XP. I look forward to learning the next OS.

Another reason I bought a new PC every year, I gave my old ones to family members to get them started with a PC. Didn't work in most cases. They were not open to learning new things.

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I for one salute you. You faced the on-going evolution of computers and the Internet all the while growing with them. You use Google reflecting self-help. Good for you.

"They were not open to learning new things."

Some folks just don't, won't, or are entrenched in a comfort zone they refuse to peek out of.


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Thanks DA, I was bound and determined to do this, curiosity added to the determination.

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I still have XP on my two Desktops and Vista on my Laptop....perfectly happy with all.....why change unless I really have too. I don't object to change and updates, new versions, etc. but, when it is not for the better why keep getting the latest version.. WHY????because they want you to to spend your money!!!

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They do want you to spend your money. That's why they make annual hard goods in general, AKA model years.

Being a Vista user I am quite sure you see the difference and improvement over XP. I see it every day at work. Now take that improvement, and add the accomplishments of W7 followed by the announced upgrading of W8. All of a sudden
XP is way behind in the use and learning curve. Not that XP is in any way bad, just dated. On this I speak from experience.

I absolutely had the finest pared down, fully functional Win98 system. I had no reason to buy a new XP system. Then through the years I began to lag behind in the technology and know-how. I tinkered with the work XP system as much as the IT people would allow. I read its Help file. I absorbed all I could here, and at other forums. I read all I could. However, the time came when I absolutely needed unrestricted hands-on experience, and I still dragged my feet. I finally broke down and purchased this Vista system. I have no regrets as it is reliable, stable and roars with performance.

I predict if all goes well with W8 many users will abandon XP and some Vista to upgrade to W8 based on the above. This will be particularly true as W8 is apparently going to be Internet oriented. But as always, to each their own.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

from what I am seeing, hearing and reading from the ones that have seen it, they are very disappointed in it, seems MS is trying to make it so it works on too many platforms they are wanting it to work on the tablets as well as pc and smartphone, and of course the whole touch screen stuff also. they are saying it is just a big mash up mess.
They may need to keep thing separate and go with one OS that works for those other things and one OS that is still for the regular pc for users and businesses.
I was just reading tonight W8 will have it's own Antivirus included in the OS.
Windows 8 to have AntiVirus built-in
some of the discussion there

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Windows 8 is not out in beta mode yet. This version offered for a free download is for developers who hopefully will offer constructive comments to MS. I would suggest that anyone interested in trying the program should wait for the beta release before installing. The file size is 4.8 gigabytes.

For those interested here is a 10 minute Youtube video on what we might expect.

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As I said, " If all goes well.....". The operative word here being "if".

I have been wondering about the multiple platforms, but MS released something similar in approach with XP so it will be interesting to watch. The web based demand will undoubtedly begin a new generation of O/S. Time will tell.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

for any interested Paul Thurrott posted several post on windows 8 on his blog from the build Conference in Anaheim
Pictures included.

Here is a link that might be useful: Paul's blog

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