SpiceIslanderOctober 16, 2013

Can anyone please tell me what voltage as in an electric oven in a dual fuel free standing range will be in the USA?

I need to buy one and am not in the USA. Our electricity is 220V. I will need to import it.


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Sophie Wheeler

It's 240 volt and 120 volt as we use 2 hots, and ground, and a neutral to enable dual voltage appliances. It's also 60 cycle instead of the 50 cycle 240 that Europe uses. Your controls, clocks, computers, and other mechanisms in the range that run off of the 120 won't work correctly, if at all.

You will be much better off purchasing a range meant for the country that you want to use it in.

Here is a link that might be useful: World Voltage

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There are export versions of many American made large kitchen appliances suitable for the British derived voltage and frequencies used in the West Indies. Unless you know someone who has successfully self imported such an appliance and is willing to share the details with you, be very cautious about ordering anything. You may find out too late you have bought something that requires much addition expense to work in your locale plus it may not even meet local govt standards for importation.

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Thank you both very much.

We are 220v, 50cycle here in Grenada. It is the same as the UK but importing from the UK is really expensive.

The shops here do not carry much choice or stock of anything! The price I pay for living in paradise!!

Guess I will get an all gas range.

Again, thanks very much.

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