Shower entry, I'm confused?

ashardingNovember 14, 2013

How would I make this shower entry work?

I'm thinking of cutting the stud on the left side at an angle (see the line drawn in the concrete on the left, the 1st of the two lines.) However, this will make the slant longer than 4" which might look funny?

On the right side, I'm thinking I would have the glass extend over the side of the tub deck to the floor.

Should I overhang the glass down to the floor on both sides up to my lines and leave the studs as is or should I frame out the entry on the left and right sides to the inside line?

Or, what is the best design? Thanks!

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Well, truthfully...I would have had the curb in place before pulling the mud pan. You could custom cut some bricks to fit in there. Adhere them with a modified thinset and coat the whole deal with Hydroban or Redgard. Having said that, what is your water management system? I don't see a liner going up the sides, but the pic doesn't show much. Are you putting Kerdi over everything or what?

Not enough info.....

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