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gwtamaraNovember 26, 2012

Hi everyone,
We've been working on adding an 'edit post' feature and hope to have it fully functional this week. We are rolling it out to a select few forums (including this one) for testing and would appreciate your feedback.
To edit, once you have loaded the page where your post is located, look to the right and you'll see an edit link just under the Clippings area. This will open up the post and you'll be able to make your changes. It will be very similar to making changes in the Preview window when you make an original post.

You will not be able to edit your Subject line.

You will only be able to edit messages that you've posted today and beyond. Messages that you've posted before last Friday will not be accessible with the edit post feature. Also, once you have posted a new message, there is no time limit to make your edits.

Once you've changed your post, a notation is added to the bottom of the post, showing that it's edited. There is always a log kept of the original post.

If you experience any problems, please be specific as to what you are seeing and - very importantly - what type of computer and browser (and version) you are using. Please post issues/feedback to this thread.

Any questions, let me know!



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This should be interesting. Thanks for the information. Maybe I should add that I will use this feature when I see that I misspelled a word, cause I'm not that good.

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I assume you can only edit your own post, which have wanted to do numerous times to correct my own spelling errors :)

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It has been working for me just fine. I have a mac and use safari version 5.1.7 I have practiced several times here, and maybe in the kitchen forum. Only my post are editable. I see as I go back to edit I only have edit options on my 2 post. I like it.

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Oh I like that.

Too many times I'm interrupted when composing a post, I might start it but not actually post it until hours later. I'll cut and paste to reorder my thoughts and if I'm in a rush I'll post. Then read it later and roll my eyes when I see a paragraph repeated or a silly spelling error.

I just had one on thermostatic versus pressure-balanced valves. It took 5 minutes to type, but those 5 minutes were spread over 90 minutes. When I proof-read? Oh the horror!

Thanks for the editing upgrade.

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