How should I set up my kitchen?

nikkidanSeptember 21, 2011

We are planning to build a home that I've found is VERY similar to this plan from Don Gardner. Here's the link to the first floor plan:\11421_f.gif&f=

We moved the steps to the left side of the foyer and there is a landing and they turn left, so they take up some of the back side of the office/den. This also opens the plan up completely from the top of the dining all the way through to the breakfast room.

The area now considered dining room i'm planning to actually have it as a sitting/piano room. Right now I have the kitchen planed to be an L shaped kitchen with an island, rather than the wall and penninsula on the left side. I really really want an open kitchen, just not sure if I want it THAT open. Also, there is no window to put the sink under so I'm dealing with that too. It's easier to design a kitchen with a window above the sink! Kitchen is about 13 wide by 14 deep

We also made it a full 2nd floor so there will be a family room upstairs too. 1st floor will have 9 foot ceilings.

Question #1: Would you leave the door from kitchen to dining if its not going to be dining? Thing is, it might be needed as dining in future years once our kids grow and we have grandkids and family gatherings.

#2: With an L shaped kitchen with an island (hoping for a big island), where would you put the sink? I'm planning on the right wall being (from top to bottom) fridge, counter, counter top stove, counter, wall oven. The bottom wall will be just cabinets, and the sink in the island. What do you think of that? Will I like the sink in the island? I want a flat island, but not sure if I want my sink area completely exposed.

#3: other option would be to put the sink on the bottom wall. Leaving the island empty which is good for serving. But do I want to look at a wall while doing dishes? Would it be stupid to put a little opening in the wall there looking through to the sitting/piano room? I would also be able to see out the front window I guess. I see sinks with pass through/look through opening but they usually overlook a main living or family room.

#4: What about lighting? Any suggestions on getting plenty of lighting in the kitchen? Since we went with full 2nd floor, there wont be the windows up high in the livingroom bringing in light.

Critique for me please! I will try to get a copy of the actual plan posted in a bit. But wanted to get my questions out there, as I need to get this decided asap!

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You should take your questions over to the Kitchen Forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb Kitchen Forum

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