Faux chimney pot for Faux chimney?

wishiwasinozSeptember 25, 2012

Would something like this below work on a faux chimney? We will have two chimneys & we would like 2 pots on each one. The real deal is pricey at around $450 each.

These Limestone Chimney Pot Planters are about $70 each, plus shipping from the UK. Even if shipping was $200, I would still come out way ahead. The dimensions are perfect, & I like they are made out of limestone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chimney Pot Planters

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I think it only works in a faux house.

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You mean this sits on top of your roof with a plant? Or is it just the style of a planter you put on the ground?

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Thanks for the snark jrldh.

I am building an English/French style home In Florida. I don't need a real chimney because I don't ever light a fire. I still am going to achieve the look of the house, despite having the true fireplaces. My architect said it is done all the time in Florida.

This is a chimney pot (the real thing):

Here are some similar antique pots:


Here is the chimney pot planter I found, which is roughly the same size & look. There will be no plants! It will be sealed off at the top.

Since it does not have to function, I don't see a need to spend $1,800 on the product.

Unless there is a drawback (which right now I don't see, but I may be missing something), I would like to save some money, which I think is understandable. Maybe I will add a faux waterfall in the pool with the money I save, jrldh.

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We are putting on a fake chimney. It is for symmetry on the exterior. If it was real it would be in the middle of my baby's bedroom. But we are just framing so I haven't thought about this yet.

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Beth Parsons

Our plan calls for 2 faux chinmeys for symmetry as well and I'm looking into doing vented cupolas instead. Just started getting quotes, though, so we may be looking for affordable clay pots as well. :/

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I would bet the cost of shipping from England for something so heavy would be much more than 200.00. I would get a quote for sure. Since they are faux I would also look into cast stone or even cement. That is more affordable than real stone and would be indiscernible from the real stone at such a height.

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