VZAccess launch (obnoxious) sound

hikermannSeptember 28, 2013

WIN XP Home : How do I get the launch sound to GO AWAY!?

I've set the windows as "No Sounds" but VZAccess just goes on its merry way and blasts its "I'M HERE NOW!!!!!" sound.

I want it to not exist.



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VZAccess. What do you actually use that for?

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# 4 Turn off audio: If you select this it will turn off audio in Internet Explorer.

See link. See if that helps you

Here is a link that might be useful: # 4 Turn off audio:

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Thanks - there, however, is no "Turn Off" option/clickbox in Preferences / Tools / or Options.

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PKponder TX

It's a Verizon air card connection, not a browser.

Under options, on the Connect tab, check mark in 'Turn off Audio' should mute it.

I Googled for the answer and found it in the "How to Use Guide: VZAccess Manager - General Preferences" manual.

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