Crack in acrylic tub fixable?

nancyjlaNovember 2, 2013

The exact tub I've selected for my remodel happens to be listed on Craigslist right now for considerably less than brand new because although it's new, the seller's contractor slightly cracked it during installation. I intend to install it as an undermount so the crack itself shouldn't be visible, but I'm wondering if it would be water tight or could be fixed to be water tight prior to installation. Anyone know? Retail on the tub is about $2800, it's listed on CL for $500 obo.

Is this a great deal or am I inviting trouble by buying a tub with a crack in it?

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I would Dremel out the crack and fill it with methelmethacrylate and sand to flush. This may stop the crack from spreading, it may not. It's a safe bet to put over 2K in your pocket.

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Thanks so much for the recommendation. It sounds doable and I agree is worth it to save on the cost of the tub.

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Sophie Wheeler

I'm not a big fan of Craig's List finds that can't be easily DIY fixed. A lot of times it costs more by the time you're done than it would have to buy something perfect with a warranty from the beginning.

Sure, an acrylic tub can be "fixed", as in repaired to hold water. (And maybe even last long term.) It's not a DIY job though, as the fix will look like one of the bad seams you see on the forum where people complain about their countertops. Even if you get a pro in to do it, and it looks decent at first, you will still be able to tell where the crack was. It never matches 100% except maybe for right after the fix.

But, at least the tub isn't installed, so they can get to it from the back to reinforce it. Be SURE that they drill out the termination points of the cracks, and use fiberglass to reinforce the patch from the rear. If you don't do that, it WILL come back. And with a tub undermounted with some stone slab on top, you won't want to take it out then, even if the repair leaks. You'll want to keep patching. Which keeps the expense of the project mounting up.

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I'm with hollysprings. If I owned it and it was installed I'd fix it, but to I'd run like heck from this.

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Thanks for the additional input. Given that the tub would be on the second floor and a leak could be disastrous, and the fact that the potential savings on the CL tub represents a very small amount of my total remodel budget, it sounds like I should forgo the possible savings/possible tub leak and look for a tub elsewhere. Thanks for the advice, it's very helpful.

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If you aren't in a hurry you may find an undamaged one on CL if you can wait for it to appear.

EDIT If you have a Habitat Restore, this looks like the kind of thing that's just up their alley, too. Our local Restore is always too high end for me, the prices are usually good for what you get.

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Sadly, I'm not in a hurry at all because my architect took exceptionally long to produce plans ready to file. They're being reviewed by the city now, so I won't be ready to install the tub for about 6 months. I'll continue to troll CL and check out our local Restore. Thanks!

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I'm not seeing how this is going to be exposed much, if at all, being under mounted.
I'll bet these cracks are cosmetic and don't leak now. There is probably fiberglas mesh backing.

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