Bosch dishwasher

jondoe888October 31, 2013

We have a 10yo Bosch. It works fine - except it hasn't been draining completely. It drains to just below the door opening, leaving a few inches of water inside.
I've sucked the water out, and can't find any obstruction below the filter and screen. The filter is clean. I assume it's an internal issue. Or maybe this is the normal amount of water inside, while the D/W is running, and it's just not draining? The fact that the water is just below the door opening makes me think that. But I have no idea.
I'm not sure of the model #. I could take a photo, or look for the manual. It's a 'sensormatic' or something, and has the controls on the door face, not on the lip.
Any suggestions? Magic fixes?

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Replace the unit. Once it's 10 years old, it's not worth fixing.

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That's just EZ hogwash. The result of an American consumer society that's got too much money and forgotten how to maintain equipment or fix problems thereby chewing up scarce world resources.
Sorry, end of rant.
Why don't you post the model #, take a look at your manual and at the worst call a competent repair person. There's lots of Bosch machines out there still running after 20 years. It may be cheaper to replace, but at least check out the problem.

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Thanks. We're retired, and don't have too much of that money laying around anymore. I looked up prices, and they seemed to be $500 - 1000, new. It's held up well, so far. But there is that balance between repairing and replacing.
I'm going to pull the drain, under the filter. Worth a look. The drain hose is positioned correctly.
Any idea how much water is in the tub, when it's running? The glasses don't seem as clear as they once were. So I'm guessing the water is never fully draining.
I will look up the model #. I was mostly wondering if others have had this issue. Thanks, all.

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It is normal for Bosch (and several other brands of) dishwashers to have water left under the horizontal filter or below the main floor after the full cycle is complete - the water keeps the seals lubricated so they don't dry out and then leak. It is NOT normal for the ending water level to cover the entire floor of the dishwasher tub after it's done.. Bosch DWs have a cancel/drain function (often requires pressing two buttons together, often marked on control panel or indicated in owner's guide). Try running this and see if it drains the excess water. There could be a probably with the drain lines downstream from the dishwasher being clogged, not something wrong with the dishwasher itself.

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Hopefully I can help you from wasting a lot of money on a new dishwasher when your Bosch is probably fine with a minor part repair. We had the same issue and our Bosch is only 6 or 7 years old but gets heavy use with a family of 4. My husband called our Bosch service person and he wanted $280 for the repair of a $30-$40 part. Grab your manual and double check but we ordered a replacement water inlet valve for $35 and installed it and the water stopped filling in the basin when it wasn't running.

Check out the YouTube video. It's fairly easy as a DIY project.

Call Bosch at 1-800-944-2904 and tell them you need a replacement water inlet valve.

Good Luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch Water Inlet Valve Replacement YouTube

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Houston, we have resolution. I checked the filter, I checked the impeller, I checked the price of a new Bosch - and dug deeper! I pulled the unit and checked the drain line. The plastic ~5/8" hose from the unit joined the old rubber line to the drain. This line was much smaller, and the reduction trapped lint over the years. I pulled an inch of lint out, and it works fine again. I guess I've lead a good life... (as they say on Car Talk). My next task will be to replace the narrow rubber drain line.
Thanks for all the tips and advice. It all helped me decide to check the drain line before pulling anything else apart.

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good thing you didn't take the EZ way out !!!

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LOL! I was trying to come up with something clever - you nailed it!

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I was going to suggest the same thing: my Bosch is 11 years old, and developed the same problem: found a thing on YouTube showing how to access the impeller and cured the problem myself, saving the price of a call-out. A tiny piece of plastic and an olive pit and somehow got in there.

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haha! For a few weeks, the EZ way was sucking the water out with the wet vac. Got old pretty fast! (and stinky!)
Kinda nice, when things work as they should. Or something, anyway!

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