Master bath tile decisions

phiwwyNovember 2, 2012

Master bath/shower is in the process of being tiled. So far so good.

Niches - there will be 2 - one on the wet wall (tall and narrow) and one on the back/bench wall - shorter but also narrow.

I have purchased (2 times, but that's another story) 2 glass shelves for the tall niche and 1 for the shorter niche. I need to decide where they go. I think they should line up with a grout line (which allows for the tall costco bottles of shampoo, etc). the back niche, i could create a small space for soap/razors or split the height.

Both niches have a piece of marble - it was not deep enough to jut out so it's basically flush.

The glass shelves have to go against the back wall (not tile) because otherwise they would protrude. The back will be the marble mosaic you see in the panel. Will this look ok? you won't see all the way through the glass shelf, will you? We may put white glass adhesive at the back wall where the glass shelf meets the wall to be safe. The sides of the shelves will be held up by white tile.

Next questions - I'm tiling the knee wall and the adjacent wall (1/2 way up) and don't want plain tile. How to use the marble in some way? I'm thinking a 1-2" feature strip, maybe even bordered by a pencil strip then topped with bullnose?

Last ? - DH does not want to 1/2 tile the wall under the window. Now that the new counter is more gray than was intended - I'm thinking about tiling under the window. thoughts?

I may have more ?s. The guys are working faster than i can make decisions! thanks all...

Here is a link that might be useful: Master bath photos with comments

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