Thoughts on better bathroom layout?

embemisNovember 15, 2013

Any suggestions on a better layout for our master bath? This will be new construction so changes easily can be made. The window above tub is lake view. We would like to have a tub and large shower if possible.
Thank you for advice!

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Right off the bat I don't think that toilet door will be acceptable for code from what I've heard here on this forum. I could be wrong. I have heard that an in swing door is not ok. Can you put a pocket door there instead. It looks like you have room on that wall to the left side of the opening.

Another crazy thought, what would you think if the vanity where under the window and the mirrors mounted above the individual sinks and the view totally span the whole vanity. Sort of like these pictures from Houzz, but according to style. Of course the whole room will need to be rearranged to accommodate this plan :) But this way you see the lake while you are grooming, brushing your teeth, etc. I also like to use the toilet while I look out a window with a great view. I work on the 4th floor of a hospital and in the old wing the toilets have windows to look out over the river valley if you leave the stall open. It is wonderful. The window might have to be enlarged. The entrance to the bathroom might have to be moved too.

If this was my place, since I wouldn't be using the tub much, the tub at the window would be a wasted view opportunity. Most of my time in the bathroom is spent at the toilet, the shower, and at the vanity, not the tub.

Contemporary Bathroom by Cambridge Architects & Designers LDa Architecture & Interiors

Contemporary Bathroom by Cambridge Architects & Designers LDa Architecture & Interiors

Traditional Bathroom by Mill Valley General Contractors Camello, Inc.

Contemporary Bathroom by Oakland Architects & Designers Dotter & Solfjeld Architecture + Design

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We are temporarily living in a place that has a window over the tub. I hate it because I have to step into the tub completely to raise the window. Love the suggestion of putting mirrors in front of the windows. Would be a great view & light would be wonderful for shaving or makeup & hair.

Is the completely closed off toilet room really desired? What about the toilet being behind a wall in a corner? It just eats up a lot of space to have an enclosed room within a room.

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Sophie Wheeler

It's a pretty horrible design that puts a bathroom on an exterior wall with a view instead of the bedroom. (And puts a window in a closet to the detriment of actually using the room as a closet.) Bathrooms (and closets) are auxillary spaces and should located interior to the home to offer sound buffering between the bedrooms and the other public rooms.They shouldn't hog valuable exterior walls.

As for the layout of the bath itself, you've got all the space in the world there, but it's all pathways and not in the spaces that need the room. The toilet alcove is claustrophobically small, and the shower is as well. The tub is hugely oversized for the amount of use it will get, the vanity space is OK, but awkwardly placed.

I suggest you contact an architect to design you a home that takes advantage of the site views and elevations and who won't make the mistakes that this house plan has. When you try to adapt a generic plan to a specific need and location, you end up spending more time and effort than was needed to get something original from the beginning.

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IMO depending on the time of day, the window behind the mirror will lead to annoying glare and make it hard to actually use the mirror.

Not to disagree with HollySprings again (as I just did on a kitchen thread), but I personally like windows in the bathroom; even in the winter I like the mix of a blast of cold fresh air when I'm taking a hot shower, and I like to air out the bathroom with fresh air rather than a fan if possible.

My favorite bathroom ever was in my college apartment--it had a window in the shower that overlooked the mountains. The mountains would turn a brilliant pink color when the sun was setting. That combined with the fact that my apt building contained never-ending hot water meant the longest showers of my life were taken there...

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Thank you all for your suggestions.

enduring - the pictures of the vanity in front of the windows are very interesting. I will play around with the layout some and see what I can come up with! Also agree about the door swinging in on the toilet others have said it is very small and I am considering doing away with it all together.

Flint2013 - agree the toilet closet is too small. Think getting rid of it is a good suggestion....

Hollysprings - you have very valid points and I am now really nervous as we are very close to closing on our construction loan. I hated the bathroom (and kitchen) as it was drawn, but thought that the "bones" were good and there was plenty of space and that with help from designers it would work well. Thank you for your honesty - while not what I wanted to hear it is needed to keep us from making very costly mistakes. I have posted my entire floor plan in the building a home forum and would love your opinion on it.

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Embemis, best of luck on your project. I agree with Hollysprings the layout is not ideal and to me looks like the elements were just lined up against the walls and called good. I also think that windows in the bathroom are a must. It doesn't have to be so grand as I presented in those Houzz pictures, and I don't know if I would want a vanity in front of windows. It is just that I felt the tub was hogging all the fun. You are very fortunate to have a view, make the most of it as has been suggested. And if that view is better utilized for another room, so be it.

Keep us informed.

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The shower is much too narrow for a bathroom of that size. I'd do the following:
1. move the door to the bedroom to the ~center of the bathroom wall.
2. Put the toilet room (I like a separate room) where the shower is.
3. Move the vanity to the bottom wall, with the sinks straddling the window.
4. Put the shower on the left wall. Then it can be much wider (4-5')

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