Fraud call & Win Office Not Activated Probs.

chas045September 19, 2012

I suppose that these problems are unrelated but perhaps not. I got what appears to be a phishing phone call today, but I have also been getting warning microsoft notices that my copy of office is 'not activated' which I can unfortunately believe.

On the 'not activated' issue; I got this vostro200 dell computer from craigslist from a guy who said he was some sort of web computer tech or something. I don't think that I can find him again although I suspect that he might have been willing to help me. I assume that he may have loaded ms office from his work industrial account and it appears that it needs to be reregistered or updated with the appropriate code within a couple of weeks. I suspect that I will be out of luck and will just have to find/buy a good copy, but any advise or experience would be appreciated.

And now to the phishing or whatever which at the very beginning of the phone call was slightly believable partly because of the 'not activated' stuff, AND the very unusual thing that happened the day before the call. The computer had spontaneously shut down and the reboot went through a ckdisk listing several errors. Not a great sign but computer is running normally.

Today I received a 'call from windows' (sounds absurd) and that they had shut down my computer and put something on a local server etc (I had not said anything about a shutdown), and would I go to my computer etc. The guy, claiming it would prove his authenticity, gave me a long windows registration number that I could find (showing he was from microsoft). I didn't check. I did ask for a phone number (800 6011921) which they gave me. I googled it and others have received similar calls. The google site was not well monitored but a couple of responses to the posts there said it was phishing.

Since microsoft doesn't call, and the google site claims phishing, I assume that's what it is. But other than coinsidence, does something explain the computer shutdown? Is some virus directly involved?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Totally a scam just hang up. I run Linux i get the same phone call when I say Linux the line goes dead they know their gig is up. Never ever will Microsoft call you like that.
You could definitely have an infection on the pc causing the problem or something with the pc, which is probably why it was being sold on craigslist. The idea that the seller didn't put a legal copy of windows or office is probably right, it happens all the time on craigslist. It is a risk you take.
The office problem can be easily solved by removing the trial version on the pc and instead go with the free Open Office or Libre Office programs, you can Google those or ask here if you need more information.

I would suggest running an updated malwarebytes scan immediately and let it clean what it finds, then do an updated superantisptware free scan, then do an online eset free scan. Let us know what was found.
Once we have that information it may help determine what else is going on.

But there's nothing anyone can do for you if you don't have a legal copy of windows.
You could load Linux on it.

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Thanks ravencajun, I am in the middle of the malwarebytes scan and have noticed something unrelated. I have occasionally watched virus scans for periods of time and was watching this one because it brought up 4 hits of some kind immediately and a total of 143 somethings after a couple of minutes and then nothing more while it plowed thru system32 files etc. But from perhaps 5 min in for at least 15 minutes it has been plowing through local/temp internet/IE5 files. The wife spends hours looking at retail services and I suppose these are related. But there are TONS of them. Are these just masses of cookies or something? I can see that some files have names related to stores/sites she visits. I don't recall seeing a heap of files like this before. Can I trash them and maintain my marriage?

By the way I THINK my windows 7 is valid. I clicked something that allowed microsoft to check it I believe. It came with Vista. I have had the computer for nine months. I think the expiring or temp programs are just (just he says) office.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

ok that is good news if the windows is legal, I would guess you are right and he just installed his office on it and that makes it impossible to get updates for you. I use open office and have never had a problem but both are excellent programs.
As to what you are seeing hard to know it could absolutely be cached files and temp files etc.
I would first try clearing the cache and cookies and all of that on your browsers that will help get rid of some of that mess.

this link shows how to do that in IE
Internet Explorer 9 & 10 (Win) - Clearing Cache and Cookies

In firefox click on tools clear history then in the box that comes up click on details to select the items to clear in the time period use the drop down arrow and select everything, clear now.

when malwarebytes is done if you will please open it back up and on the tab that says logs click there and you will see the log file for what was found could you please copy and paste that here.

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I had a telephone call a couple weeks ago. From Microsoft... india sounding guy.

I don't have a computer.
"What" we have a computer in your house.. who has a computer there.

I live alone.. my refrigerator is only about ten years old, maybe it has some kind of computer in it.. kinda was expensive when I bought it.

"You don't have a computer?"
No sir, unless its builtt in that expensive refrigerator.

He started laughing,, and said sorry to bother you.

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My friends have been getting those scam calls too. One friend played along for a while then informed them she owned a MAC and they hung up. Makes me sick those scammers are running rampant. Mary

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Malwarebytes doesn't include cookies in the scan. Most likely the "4 hits of some kind immediately and a total of 143 somethings" were adware, PUPs, trojan downloaders and associated registry entries.

Considering your wife's surfing habits, it would be a good idea to do a thorough temp file cleaning. I suggest TFC. Instructions follow:

Download to your desktop
-- Open the file and close any other windows.
-- It will close all programs itself when run, make sure to let it run uninterrupted.
-- Click the Start button to begin the process. The program should not take long to finish its job
-- Once its finished it should reboot your machine, if not, do this yourself to ensure a complete clean.

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