Finally! Have my Asko ADA (short) dishwasher installed

mizmomOctober 4, 2010

We have had it since last week and so far I love it!

We needed a shorter than normal dishwasher because the tile flooring installed made the available space shorter. There is not much of a selection out there and we had not thought of that when we had the flooring put in. I think when they crammed our old dishwasher back in the space after cutting off the feet, the squeeze made it prone to breaking down frequently. The old Maytag only worked once a week since last year.

Why did we select the Asko?

1=fit...most important

2=price (significantly less than the Miele and F&P dishdrawers installed)

3=Five year free parts and labor warranty. came in black exterior (surprising how many appliances are only in SS these days)...interior is all stainless.

5= Holds a lot of dishes! (and I liked the racks better than the only Bosche option)

6= easy to use controls on the outside with just a few cycles and I can easily keep track of where in the cycle the washing is.

Is it completely silent? No....I still hear water sloshing around, draining and dishes that aren't completely seated rattling. Is it quieter than my old Maytag?...probably but hard to compare since I don't have that one any more. It certainly is very livable and I can talk on the phone standing next to it.

Are the dishes clean and dry?....YES!!!! sparkling and that is the main reason for a dishwasher isn't it?

I do appreciate all the opinions I found on this site. I would have never looked for the Asko without it.

If I think of it, I will report back after a few months to let you know my opinion....after the biggest challenge...Thanksgiving!

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hmmm I guess no one is interested in Asko.
But I so far I still love my new dishwasher! (of course my old dishwasher....DH....I love him too. He had been washing most of the dishes for the past year.

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I'm sure, like every other "Quiet Person" or (Maybe their arthritis is "Kicking up" in their typing fingers), that we are very happy that the choice you made is "right for you"!

When we were DW shopping back in 2005-2006 we also looked at the Asko's and we liked the price a lot better than the Miele's. The Miele won out because of that Cutlery tray on top, Had Kitchen Aid or Asko had that tray it would have been a "Horse Race", most likely won by KA since we had always had those and every one was a great machine---in fact I still find it strange grabbing cool/cold dishes out of the Miele, but We LUV that Rack and it's worth the "Cool Dishes".
Hope your DW proves to be as reliable as our previous KA's and our Miele and you enjoy them for a long time to come.

As far as your old DW (DH), both the DW & DH still hand wash the dishes more than 90% of the time, we run the Miele when we have company and "Ocasionally" ---Just to keep the Miele "Lubed"


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Thanks for your informative evaluation of the Asko product. Sounds like you are very pleased with your DW. Especially like the warranty since it sounds like DWs run into problems routinely. No problems with film on your glasses? Any idea what the DB level is for the DW? I am in the process of selecting a DW to replace the manual version we've had for 18 years. Main concern is noise level, energy efficiency, reliability..and cost. I'll check out Asko based on your posting. Thanks! Good luck on TDay.

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I actually saw one of these the other day and it seems to me that the tub actually sits a little higher than other dishwashers. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I like that. When I've looked at dishwashers I've felt like I was having to really stretch because all the tubs sit so low. I'm not sure why they are designed that way these days, but unless it holds considerably less dishes than my current DW I am definitely putting this one my list.

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Hi all,
I do not know the decibel level of this dishwasher, Cindy. Somewhere I read that the Asko's had the lowest sound ratings but that was not a deal breaker for me. My dishwasher is right next to the kitchen TV and the phone and I can hear/speak at a normal level for both so it is acceptable to me. I can still hear it so I can imagine those who believe the dishwasher should not be heard at all might be disappointed. I felt that any quality appliance should be relatively quiet.

I have no film on my glasses so far(after one week). I understand that we have relatively hard water in this area so should use a rinse-aide. The tech that installed said we should use powdered detergent like Cascade plus a rinse aide. I have a whole box of Finish tabs so he recommended halving those and waiting until I use all the tabs to add the rinse aid to the machine. I don't need to buy special detergent. Hurray!

I have to admit that the cutlery tray was an attractive feature to consider. Then I thought of the way we usually load the dishwasher....quickly and not very carefully. In other words, we usually just dump things in there. I could not rationalize paying an extra $300 for a feature that most likely would not be used the way organize flatware. I am not that organized.

I also could not rationalize adding a water softener to our house just for the dishwasher effectiveness or going to the extra effort of using salt and special dishwasher tabs to the machine. Sorry...but I was looking for simple and effective. I am sure may people are exceptionally happy with their Miele's and if I had the extra money, maybe I would be too.

As far as how the tub is considerably lower than the 10 year old Maytag that was in the spot before. I do feel like I am leaning down lower to load and unload. But it seems to have a surprising amount of clearance on the bottom and the top rack. We can add tall things on the bottom rack that we could not before.

Good luck all on your selection. I am still figuring out how to change wash options. I guess I will have to read the instructions soon.....

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Hey, how's it going with that new Asko? We're looking at the Asko ADA due to flooring/space issues but I'm worried about losing a lot of space because it's the ADA model.

Please let me know how it's going with it now that you've had it for a couple of months.

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would you post the model name and/or number of the ASKO dishwasher you have? I, too, like the fact that my old dishwasher is higher than the new ones and doesn't force me to bend as far.

I would love to see this ASKO!

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