Extra long/wide shower curtain rod? Help!

burntfingersNovember 13, 2012

Hello all,

The tub in our new bathroom was designed to have a shelf/bench at the end of the tub. I'm happy with that, but.... the distance from the wall with the fixtures and showerhead to the other end of the "niche" that the tub is in, is 76.5 inches.

I can't find a shower curtain rod long enough to reach from one wall to the other!

Help! Does anyone know of a source for extra long rods? I'd planned on a double rod, but at this point I'd settle for one....



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Try signature hardware, but you won't easily find a double rod at an odd size like that. They have both a longer rod you could cut down, or a 5" extension piece for a regular rod. You could also just use the end hardware from a normal rod and have a piece of metal tubing cut to the right size.

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Maybe also a "contemporary" cable curtain rod?

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Writersblock and Kirkhall, thanks.

I'd found signature hardware and the extensions and the *really* long rods, and they are my backup plans. There's also a company (maybe signature hardware itself) that will create a "custom" rod by cutting down other rods, but I haven't been able to find a double rod so far...

The cable curtain rod is an interesting idea....will have to look into whether it would rust!

Thanks again,


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I saw some tension rods that long on Amazon. Maybe some of those with an anchoring end cap on the wall so it doesn't move?

I'm sure you can get some metal tubing cut to length somewhere, maybe there is a flange you can attach to the wall to anchor it?

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Kirkhall, you are wonderful!

I found a cable system online at vidafutura.com that should work perfectly! It should arrive in a few days and I have my fingers crossed....

Williamsem, thank you for the suggestion. I'm trying to avoid tension rods (we have them now and DH is always pulling them down), but they are also a backup if the cable system doesn't work....

Thank you all!


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I found one on Bed Bath & Beyond. Not sure of my exact distance, but it's close to yours. I don't see them on their website, but I found extra long ones with their stock curtain rods.

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Oh wait.... I found my receipt.

It is 86" Tension Rod. It was $16.99. Item number on the receipt is 4319713384

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Site linked sells extra long or wide curved shower rod
They should also have straight rods long enough.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shower Rod Extra Long

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