Got Netflix? Whatcha watchin'?

teresa_nc7December 22, 2010

I'm a big Netflix fan and I'm not ashamed to admit it. My name is Teresa and I have 429 titles in my queue.

In my mailbox now is supposed to be Pie in the Sky - a series from the UK about a former detective who wants to open a restaurant in his retirement, but keeps getting called back in on cases.

I just finished series 4 of Doc Martin, another Brit production. A great TV series if you have not seen it. I lined up several Jennifer Jones films after her death and other series that I didn't catch the first time around, like East of Eden.

I still recommend Rabbit Proof Fence (Australian), Foyle's War, Paradise Road, I Am David, and Love Actually as some of my favorite flicks and TV series.

So, what have you watched recently that you would recommend?


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We recently watched Damien and liked it a lot. I had put it in the que at Halloween, but we watched other things before it. Other titles we watched recently that we liked a lot includ Oceans Eleven (Rat Pack version), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Outrageous (filmed in Toronto), and Rosemary's Baby - another Halloween movie, but we saw that close to Halloween. We own over 800 titles of DVDs, and so there aren't that many that we need to get through Netflix. Kevin gets new releases from Sony Pictures when they come out, but some of those we give as gifts, like Coco Before Channel, which I gave to my boss for her birthday. She said she had wanted to see it when it was in theaters in Beverly Hills, but her doctor would not let her out of the house. I knew she liked Channel because she often wears Channel suits. She loved The Devil Wears Prada, possibly because she could identify with the Meryl Streep character, even though my boss is much more extreme and drastic than that.

We get some movies streaming through our Xbox but haven't really used it that much. Last night we watched Cat Ballou that we had recorded on our DVD box.


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We also do streaming Netflix. Recent movies we loved The Prodigal Sons (recent documentary) and It might Get Loud. Saw Bullitt a couple of weeks ago, and by mail, "Opus and Bill" A Wish For WIngs That Work". Have Easy A coming today and also have The Kids are All Right to watch.

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I get Netflix and love it also. I have 55 in my que and thought that was a lot. One that I remember seeing recently was "Little Dorrit" and I highly recommend it. I'm trying to see all of the great old classics that I haven't seen before. One really good one was "Captains Courageous." I mix 'em up some with some newer ones and some documentaries as well. In my box Monday will be a travel and leisure documentary - "Journey of a Lifetime."

Thank you for mentioning "Doc Martin." I love British comedies and had not heard of this one. I placed the first ones in my que.

Lars, I've also seen "The Devil Wears Prada" "Cat Ballou" and Rosemary's Baby. I didn't like Rosemary's Baby. I've seen Cat Ballou several times.

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Next up "It Might Get Loud". We've seen it three times already. ;-)

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Like you, Beverly, I often switch things up and will order a comedy in the middle of a more serious series. Little Dorrit in already in my queue and I will add some of the suggestions from all of you.

I have now gone through 7 episodes of Pie in the Sky and have enjoyed it a lot. The lead character is a "character" and there is a good supporting cast and interesting cases for Henry to solve. He keeps chickens behind the restaurant and is forever trying to find time to come up with new menus.


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DH is a big Doc Martin fan, so I bet he would like Pie in the Sky. Thanks for the suggestions. I usually have a hard time not feeling overwhelmed by Netflix, so I will check these out.

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Speaking of Jennifer Jones, I just watched "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing" starring William Holden & Jennifer Jones. It was an OK love story but nothing too out of the ordinary. It might have been more interesting in 1955 when it was made.

I don't do Netflix, I get all my movies at the library or from RedBox. No shortage of movies to watch in my house!

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I recommend Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett. Kind of a strange re-telling of the story, but good. Like so many Russell Crowe movies, it didn't get the attention it deserved (prime example of that is the wonderful Master and Commander).

I had to smile just now when I went to the Netflix site to look up It Might Get Loud to see what it is. Apparently it had already been recommended to me because of my interest on The Young Victoria! Let's see... rock guitarist documentary... "lush period piece" about 18-year-old Victoria becoming queen of England... hmmm...the connection is clear to the Netflix software, I guess.

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I've been thinking of getting Netflix in conjunction with Apple TV or Google TV, bunny ears and dumping my cable, which I think is unreasonably expensive.

The last two movies I watched were Ironman2 and Fanboys - that's my basic taste in movies right there, LOL! Actually, Strictly Ballroom is next.

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We have Strictly Ballroom and have watched it about 100 times, I think.

Let's see, Jimmy Page is English, so was Victoria? Strange connection. I hate that they pop up that garbage all the time. Can I disable it?

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Some smart@ss in my family put the Lady Gaga documentary at the top of the queue. Doesn't hurt that we like Lady Gaga, but sheesh, its not even in Blu-Ray.

I just put 'Bitter Feast' on 'Save', with Mario Batali playing against type.

"Bitter Feast
2010NR 113 minutes

Director Joe Maggio's deliciously nasty comic morsel stars James LeGros as Peter Gray, a self-absorbed celebrity chef who goes off the deep end when pompous but influential food blogger JT Franks (Joshua Leonard) posts a scathing review. After kidnapping JT and shackling him in the basement, Peter administers a series of tortures but soon finds that his victim is far from helpless. What ensues is an epic battle between two towering egos."

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Tonight I'm watching "Journey of a Lifetime" from Netflix and it is great! It is a travel adventure documentary I suppose it would be called.

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Oops just lost my message
Teresa, just wanted to let you know my DH and I have begun to watch Doc Martin on instant view and I love it. We have been watching one episode a night but tonight I watched 3 in a row. I have all of the seasons in my que and I have recommended it to several friends.
It starts here on PBS next week for those you don't have Netflix.

Thanks again,

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Hurt Locker and Frost Nixon are sitting here, but I really don't feel like watching such serious fare. Tonight I finally watched the DVR'd Bobby Flay Throwdown with the Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond. I'm really behind!

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Working my way through Pie in the Sky now - very good, even if the actors seem to be mumbling at times, I just turn the sound up and up!

I've added Toast to my "Save" list - about the British chef Nigel Slater's childhood. There are some other recognizable actors from Lark Rise to Candleford in this drama. I hear from an English friend on another forum site about movies and TV recommendations as she and I seem to have the same tastes.


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