Aga 6-4 or Heartland Paragon? Other ranges with 2+ ovens?

Why_not_meOctober 18, 2012

Hi all - I'm pretty new to posting on Gardenweb, although I rely quite heavily on feedback here when doing my research, I've noticed, so please bear with me and my inexperience here!

We're refurbishing an old farmhouse, and installing an Esse Ironheart in the kitchen (wood-burning cookstove). Its job is primarily to heat the house, although it will also be used for cooking through the winter.

We need another cooker, obviously, and are considering an Aga 6-4, or similar. Today I read about the Heartland Paragon, which is 43" wide, has two ovens (which look fairly small, like an an Aga's), and 6 gas rings.

But - it's been discontinued. Any idea why? Anyone use a Heartland Paragon or know anyone that uses one? Likes? Dislikes?

I called their 800 #, and MSRP is/was $5,599 in the US (we're in Canada).

I've been all over the map on what to get, frankly, and am VERY open to suggestion.

I love the more traditional look of the Agas, but their aftermarket customer / service record STINKS from what I read online and heard irl.

(Like much of the best of British engineering (yes, I know Agas were designed by a Swede, but they are ostensibly "British"), the concept and design are of the highest quality, but unfortunately the day-to-day reliable functioning and aftermarket servicing is a huge problem. MGs, Land Rovers - I grew up in the UK with both of them.)

Our nearest service person is 4+ hours away (Montreal or west of Toronto), and I have no idea about his track record.

I don't need or want a "hot" Aga. We're vaguely considering the Aga 6-4, but the service record is alarming. We don't feel like being the guinea-pig for the new Aga Total Control, which is also more $$ than our budget allows at this stage, unless someone can convince me it is the world's most perfect appliance and will never need servicing within its or my lifetime ;)

Aga, Heartland, La Cornue (Waterford, Redfyre, Stanley, Mercury) - they're all part of the same AGA Rangemaster conglomerate, now, but the service record is still a bit iffy. We have the same concerns with La Cornue - there isn't a service person within probably 300 miles.

I don't want or need a large oven, which is what is putting me off the good gas ranges like Bluestar and Capital Culinarian. I'd rather have two or more smaller (18" to 24" or so) ovens.

We'd prefer something that is either all-gas or dual fuel, with a roomy top, so more like 36"+ wide, rather than the standard domestic 30" width.

Our hydro isn't terribly reliable, otherwise I'd consider going with an induction cooktop and a couple of 24" wall ovens.

There are only two of us, I do all the cooking, and we entertain a lot, so I'd rather use multiple ovens at different temps when entertaining, but most of the time, only need a smaller oven.

I can't believe it's too much to ask nowadays; a well-designed and reliable range with plenty of options for steady power (simmer to fast boil) to cook on the top, and a couple of smaller ovens with a powerful broiler, even temperature, etc, that are self-cleaning (or continuous clean, like a hot Aga).

The kitchen is still a shell, so we are not restricted on size, yet, by the way. I'll make-do with my old Kitchenaid cooker until we find what we really want.

Like I say, open to all suggestions!

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I am not sure whether this is the case for Canada, but please note this earlier thread about the AGA 6-4.

Here is a link that might be useful: AGA

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Hi There Why_Not_Me

Have you considered a Lacanche-French Range? The ~ 40 inch Dual Fuel Chagny has 3 ovens, 2 with broilers; has 5 burners from simmer to raging hot; .....comes in colors. Simple electronics and great service record from the only USA distributor, Art Culinaire.......Oops, you may be in Canada.....there is a distributor in Canada now, but don't know about their service record.

The AGA 6 - 4 has been discontinued....broke my heart. The AGA Legacy has multiple small ovens but I have not seen one.

Anyone else with suggestions????

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Thank you both for your feedback.

I had dismissed the Lacanche ranges early on because of their price, but according to their website the RRP is $8,995, which isn't as $$$ as I expected (although, that's the US price, and no doubt the Canadian one will be at least double because, well, because it happens all the time, grrr).

Off to do more homework!

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You know, I don't wish to hijack this thread, but thank you for reminding me about the ESSE. I had seen them when we were looking around for stoves for our little sailboat, but I had put them out of mind. Now that I am looking for stoves for an auxiliary kitchen in the guest wing of our home, I am returning to the Esse. I am also considering the AGA companion and the Lacanche Cormatin, but DH leans toward the woodburninng option. We are on wooded acreage and have many fallen trees about the property.

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What about an Esse range cooker? They have many models, including induction.

Here is a link that might be useful: The food prep You Tubes are cool, too

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kitchendetective - afaik, Esse range cookers are not available in Canada, sadly. One *could* technically import one oneself, however the inspections, etc, would make it a fairly daft enterprise.

I got an instant friendly response from the good people at Lacanche, which bodes well! I'll do some more homework, and post separately on them if/when I have any questions.

I also got an instant and really helpful response from Aga, to be fair, however it's their crumby service record in N America that pretty much makes them a non-starter for us.

There are several Aga 6-4s still available, by the way, dotted around the continent. Didn't take me long to find them, so if anyone out there still wants one, keep looking! If we had a good service tech close by, we'd be getting one, I think.

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Thank you for the information.

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Don't discount the Aga four oven cooker. We also have an old farmhouse and have the Aga traditional four oven model. There is just two of us as well, but family drops in often. We love it! It fits the farmhouse perfectly and believe me cooking is so streamlined with having the four ovens. I would not trade it for the world! My grandchildren argue over who gets the stove when I die! (My daughter does!) There is no maintenance with this thing except maybe a thermacouple once in a blue moon and your basic cleaning that you would have with any stove. You no longer need a toaster, crock pot or any other electric appliance. The Aga eliminates the need for them.

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