Winds 70MPH, trees down, 12 hrs power out.

caflowerluverDecember 2, 2011

Not a fun evening last night. The power went out just after we finished dinner at 6:30PM and didn't come back till 6:30AM this morning. The TV came on and woke me up when power was restored. We have LED laterns so not in the dark, safer than candles and bright enough to read by and do shadow puppets. Missed watching my shows last night though.

Here up in the Santa Cruz Mts. we had incredible winds the last 2 days and suppose to get more. I was just outside to assess the damage. Lots of limbs broken off but no trees down this time. My neighbors are not so lucky. One of their 50 year old Monterey cypress lost several huge branches and blocked our road. You can hear chainsaws going all over the area.

Hope we don't lose power again tonight. My son is definitely part of the electronic age and can't stand not having his computer. Not a happy camper last night.


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I saw that on the news. The wind must have been amazing. I saw huge trees down in your area.

Whenever the wind or heavy snow kicks up around here we have lots of broken branches, toppled trees and power outages. I'm with your son. I miss the computer the most unless it's winter, then I miss the furnace.

Glad you were prepared and that other than branches, you came out unscathed.

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Clare, I know what that's like! Went thru something similar in July.

Glad you have minimal damage, and that your power is back!
Scary, tho, huh?

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Wednesday night it started kicking up about dinner time. By bedtime it was roaring and I couldn't sleep well because of all the noise - neighbors' and my own patio furniture sliding about, stuff scraping along the roof, people who forgot to bring in their garbage cans since it was trash day - the cans were sliding up and down the street - all kinds of sounds.

Thankfully our power didn't go out, which I thought was a miracle. A couple of bright lights noted blown transformers and subsequent loss of neighborhood traffic lights, which were still out the next day. (Lots of cute cops at Starbucks waiting their turn directing the traffic.)

I did have to go out on the deck and bring in some potted plants that had fallen or were being thrashed. By morning, all the potted plants we keep on our large deck were in the living room - Meyer lemon and kefir lime included. The house smelled like Thai food from the lime.

We had covered the grill and the patio furniture, but the covers blew off eventually. This has happened before with strong winds, but that night was the strongest winds I've experienced living here 30 years. Last night was calm but it's kicking up again right now.

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Wow, what a time you had. Seems like the whole Southwest was clobbered. Glad you are all right. Lots of decorations flying around?

My DD in El Paso had a similar storm last night, she said the gusts were about 50mph. The wind coming over the mountain slammed right into the front of their house, which faces the mountain. Kept blowing their front door open. They finally successfully barricaded it with all the heavy stuff they could drag to the door.

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Strong winds in my area, a branch fell off a tree, no other damage, nothing knocked down.

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Thanks everyone for your well wishes. All the patio furniture got rearranged. Kind of funny, like someone was playing a joke. The lid got ripped off the Rubbermaid deck box and it got moved half way across the deck. Other things got blown about but for the most part things are ok.

Gina - I am like you. I never sleep well when it is blowing like it did. I am afraid that a tree is going to come crashing down our house. Some are too close to the house for comfort.


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I'm glad you checked in, I was wondering how everyone in California was faring. The winds were supposed to hit Colorado too, 137 MPH I think, so I was wondering about Lee too. Apparently it's also supposed to hit Oklahoma, Misouri, maybe as far as Indiana.

I was starting to think that maybe you were all going to be blown all the way to Michigan!

Gina, I know what you mean about not sleeping when the wind reaches a certain point, about 60 MPH, I always wonder if the pine trees just a couple of feet from my garage are going to come down and I hear the garbage cans getting blown down the street. Since we have no streetlights (they got turned off last year when the city ran out of operating cash for them) I can't see a darned thing, I always wonder if they are MY garbage cans. Not that I could do anything if they were, I guess...

I'm glad everyone is safe, anyway, I've seen posts from Lars, Jessica, Eileen, Clare. Anyone hear from Ann (spacific) or Ellen (compumom)? Diana?

Lee in Colorado and KatieC in Idaho got those winds too, and I sure hope David escapes, he's had a couple of very damaging storms, he deserves a pass on this one.

Boy, with these winds, that October snowstorm on the East Coast, the 50 car pileup by Nashville from the freezing fog (what the heck IS that anyway?), it's been wild.

Stay safe everyone.


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Glad to hear that others are fine. We are in a protected canyon less than 20 miles from Clare, and could hear the winds blowing, but no more damage than the BBQ cover being blown off. Just now hearing how bad it was elsewhere.

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I've been wondering about everybody out west also & glad to read this morning that people are checking in & are fine with little damage.

Annie, yes the winds did hit Colorado. We've got a home in Steamboat Springs that my nephew lives in as care taker. He told me they had 128 mph winds a couple days ago & hundreds of downed trees in town...even a roof blown off a large condo building. My BIL & SIL are in Denver & they got some snow but little to no wind but they are east of I-25. I think it was worse west of I-25 along the foothills up towards Evergreen.


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WOW I saw the reports on the news, Mother Nature sure seems ticked by something!

High winds bother me more than about anything else especially up here at the lake. There are a ton of trees and they aren't deeply rooted because of the granite. Last year a huge tree fell on our neighbours car and literally bent it into a V shape!

Glad everyone is safe and sound!

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We had a few windy days here, too, in the Central Valley. A large limb of a tree in my back yard broke off and I have to deal with that tomorrow. Yesterday and today I hauled four garbage cans full of leaves from the pool and raked up piles and piles and piles of leaves. Because of where my house is and the way the wind blew I ended up with more than my share of leaves. I'm glad it didn't also rain. Raking wet leaves is exhausting.

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I'm sure glad y'all are okay. I heard about the winds, too, and saw some footage on TV. I just hate wind. Breezes in the summer are okay, wonderful in fact, but I hate, hate, hate wind.


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Thanks everyone for your replies. DH has been working all day outside cutting up fallen branches and trimming trees. Lot of broken branches on the camphor trees next to the house. Good thing they didn't fall all the way, got hung up so didn't hit the roof. One branch was 15 ft long and 2 ft thick. Could have done some damage. The tree has been reduced in height from 40 ft to around 15-20 ft. Always things to do when you have 2.5 acres and lots of trees.

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More wind coming today - hope everyone is ready. Good luck

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