Leaking bathroom sink

renov8rNovember 12, 2012

Shortly after installing a new American Standard pedestal sink in our ensuite, water staining appeared on the wall. The plumber pulled the sink out from the wall and we discovered the back of the sink was dripping wet. There appeared to be no cracks and no problems with the plumbing. He felt we were sloppy with the water and that it was leaking down the back of the sink. I know my husband and I are extremely careful with the water, wiping the sink after every use. He added a bead of silicone caulking. It has started staining again and we can feel the water on the back of the sink. He has removed it again, but we still don't know where the water is coming from. Any ideas?

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A hairline crack in a faucet or fitting can make a fine spray of water or an almost imperceptible leak.

Stop using the sink for a week and see if the wetting continues. If it does, the problem on the supply side, before it gets to the faucet.

Thoroughly dry off everything, then wrap each fitting and connector with a thin layer of toilet paper. even if the leak is intermittent, you will see the difference in the paper because it changes texture when it gets wet then dries.

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That is a great idea. I know that when I run the taps the back of the sink feels wet and toilet paper pressed on the back with reveal wet spots. So I think it must be something to do with the taps. I will try your idea. Thanks.

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I hope you get it repaired soon although I don't know how to help you do that.

We are renovaing a 109 year old building and the first floor bathroom floor (recent Pergo) was noticeably 'spongy', like stepping on a piece of toast! DH and DGS took up a portion of the floor yesterday and it was astonishing! Layers and layers of wood and vinyl/linoleum and every wood layer was rotted to the point of flakes. Right down to the joists! We may have to put in a couple of new joists.

Obviously a slow leak went untended to for years and years. There is a new commode and wash basin in that bathroom, and it seems there is no longer a leak as all the flaking wood is dry. But mercy, what a mess we have.

That bathroom at the time of sale can be seen by Googling 182 W Reynolds Ozark AL 36360

Georgia in Alabama

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