question for Kohler cast iron shower base owners

kmcgNovember 14, 2012

Our shower glass supplier said the Kohler Purist base we're using has a threshold with about 1/16" slope inward. He said they like to see 1/8", so have offered an extra metal strip to put on the threshold. It's a slightly elevated half-round piece that just gives the shower door an extra lip to keep water in. I would prefer to do without it, both to avoid visual clutter and to avoid something that would potentially trap gunk. We have a tile floor, so a little water on the floor won't be a big problem. But I thought I should ask: has anyone with a cast iron shower pan had trouble getting a decent seal using a frameless glass shower door? Do I need the extra threshold strip?

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I don't think ours has an extra strip of metal. There's a plastic flange or something at the bottom of the door, that's it.

We don't use that shower daily, it's a guest bathroom shower. We did use it exclusively during the months we worked on our other two bathrooms, and we didn't have any issues with water leaking.

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Thanks cat mom - I was hoping you would see this. I looked at your photo in another thread, and it looks like you have the standard "sweep" made of silicone or whatever, and that is what I think we will go with. Glad to hear you didn't have water problems!

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Not any that I'm aware of, at least! Again, the shower gets used one or two weeks out of the year at most, so it's pretty much a non-issue for the most part in our case.

The shower door opens out, so there are the inevitable drips off the door when it's opened after showering, but nothing out of the ordinary. We place a bath mat in front of the shower when it's in use, so it would catch any drips anyway.

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