outlet on kitchen island

jj101September 18, 2012

Need some advice on the possibility of putting an outlet on top of my kitchen island (granite countertop). Is this possible? I have a t-shaped island and would like to put in the center of the T (which is not functional space). I would hide the outlet under a floral arrangement or decor (which could also be lighted without seeing the cord...) when not in use. It seems so functional to have one on the top of my island for crockpots, etc instead of cord running along the top/side of island. Has anyone done this? What do you think?

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Not sure if there are code issues with that. It would be a spill hazard for liquids and a crumb trap for sure. I'm assuming that the other part of the T is to be eating space? If so, are you keeping that at counter height? If you lower it to table height or raise it to bar height, then you have a vertical surface (at the juncture of the T) to put an outlet.

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If you go on the kitchens board, some people have installed an outlet that pops up out of the granite. I think it is called a mocket? Ask there, they will know!

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