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forsterNovember 10, 2012

We have just completed (mostly) a bathroom remodel and have installed Nu Heat, I am wondering what temperature you keep your thermostat set at????? Also, what temp you set the Ambient temp. at...Thanks for your help....

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We have ours set to "read" the floor temp. I think we kept ours at the default temp (it reads 88 or 89 degrees?).

We got the timer for ours, but I keep ours set to stay on round the clock during the cooler months. I am home most of the day, and up at least once during the night. I like NOT stepping on an icy floor during those nocturnal trips to the bathroom!

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Being brand new at this, I am not getting the "read" temp.........or default temp.......We also have a thermostat you can set to each day of the week but I also agree that right now we are home in the day and also like it to be warm for the nocturnal trips at night!!!! Ours is set manually to 86 but I was wondering if this was too warm compared to others, but I just figured that our normal body temp is 98.6 and that does not feel warm to our touch...............

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I have mine set to 89 for when I am home and 70 when I'm not home. I used the SOLO thermostat. Once it really gets cold, I'm likely going to make it slightly warmer.

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Maybe I set mine to a "recommended" or "suggested" temp (the 88 or 89 degrees) that was listed in the instruction sheet(s) that came with the unit. I have to look it up anyway; we had a power outage recently because of Sandy, so I want to double-check my settings to be sure they are correct. Already did the time change adjustment last weekend.

During the summer months, or if we are going to be away (not that often), I set mine to "Away" mode. This way the clock and floor temp still appear in the display. I don't need to know the temp, but I've gotten used to seeing it, so it looks weird to me now when it's not showing!

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We also have the SOLO thermostat, we live in Canada so received two sets of instructions, however, BOTH were in French, and not being bilingual they did not make much sense to me. However, I did manage to find instructions for the thermostat online. When I got up Wednesday morning the GSI or whatever it is called was off and the floor was cold, that is when I found the instructions on line quickly, even though it was 5 in the morning.....It turns out it was set to shut off automatically, so hopefully have it figured out, will know on Wed. We certainly are enjoying the warm floor, we live in an older house (almost 100 years) and the bathroom is an add on and it is on a cement slab, the floors are VERY cold with the tile. Before the reno there was a wood sub floor over the cement with lino so it did not feel as cold. I am sure before long I will find the proper temp, thanks for your input......

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I have the NuHeat Solo. I'm curious about the daylight savings on/off setting. That could either mean I need to reset it when we go back on daylight savings, or it could be like a computer and it adjusts itself when the day comes. Does anyone know?

Also, does your setup click when the heat is adjusting? Mine has an obvious click, so I'd like to know if that's normal.

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Click is normal.

I have to look up the daylight savings setting. I always manually reset ours and maybe I don't have to!

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Mine clicks all of the time, and I hate it. I programmed mine for each day of the week, and it works great.

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