New House - Medium Kitchen Appliance Budget - Where to Splurge?

ldpricecoffeeOctober 15, 2013

Hello :-)
Immersing myself in all things appliance wise as I choose for my dream kitchen. I would say that I have a medium budget. Considering splurging in some areas but being reasonable in others. Curious about where my splurge money will be most well spent. After my initial visit to appliance store, I came out thinking that I would purchase Jenn-Air for my dbl convection ovens, range top(48inch with griddle), microwave drawer, & warming drawer. Electrolux Icon for an all refrigeration unit and all freezer unit. I really like this look - and we will have a porte-cochere - so freezer in garage might not be handy as I like. Kitchen-aid for dishwasher & ice maker. Then I came home and started researching - and feel overwhelmed!! Thinking I should splurge in the range top/oven area? Appreciative of any thoughts - thanks!

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I say splurge on the items you will use daily. Ref and Dishwasher.

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I agree that the cooking appliances are really important, so definitely spend the money on the rangetop and ovens. Are you sure you don't want a range? You can get more for your money. But it's definitely a personal taste issue, in large part. Personally, I would skip the warming drawer and upgrade your dishwasher to a Miele. The Elux freezer doesn't make enough ice for your everyday needs?

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I would recommend splurging on the cooking appliances - you'll find the biggest difference in capabilities there. All refrigerators keep things cold and all (most :-) dishwashers acceptably clean dishes.

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If you cook, I say splurge on the cooking appliances.

But tell us your budget and what appliance in which sizes you need and we can recommend a package.

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Thanks guys!! I think we are in the 23k range. Im waiting on quotes so Im not exactly sure what some of these higher end products cost.
This is what Im thinking about:
Elux 36 all refrig/36 all freezer - $4500
Kitchenaid DW(2) - $2000
Warming Drawer - $1000
MIcrowave Drawer - $1000
KitchenAid Icemaker - $2000

Trying to decide on the range & ovens
Rangetop - 48 - Wolf, Viking, or BS? Im guessing 6k is my top of budget
Dbl Convection Wall Ovens - same brands considering with same 6k budget - I like the french doors on the BS 30 in

I could give up warming drawer if more $ needed for cooking appliances. A few of the brands like viking are offering free DW - so might save some money there??

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Are you including tax ,delivery, and install with those prices? They seem a little high.

Refrigeration:Elux does not make 36" units only 32" units.

Dishwashers: Do you know if you have hard or soft water?

Microwave: Sharp makes all the microwave drawers. Sharp branded units are about $800. Thermador has a flush mounted unit. Wolf has an integrated handle. They all have the same Sharp innards.

Icemaker:Hoshizaki undercounter icemaker about $1600. Far superior to KitchenAid. Japanese company but undercounter icemakers made in Georgia.

Rangetop: You should be looking at Bluestar and Capital Culinarian. BS has the optional built-in broiler cheese melter. If you want a grill I would look at the CC. It has a hybrid grill that has higher temps than a standard grill and lower temps for veggies too.

Ovens Are you looking for electric or gas ovens? The Bluestar 30" French Door oven is $3300. So two are $6600. Most TOL double ovens or two singles are about $6500. You can easily get a TOL 48" rangetop for $5k and spend the savings on the ovens. A CC 48" rangetop with four open burners, 12" thermo-griddle and 12" grill is $5k. Gaggenau 30" double ovens are about $6700.

Ventilation: Do you already have a rangehood?

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Thank you so much for response!

I havent got the pricing from the local dealer yet - I was just trying to remember what the tickets stated from my initial visit - so I was just ball parking on high side(and hoping lower once quoted). No hood yet - I believe install& delivery included. Of course sales tax additional(10%).

Elux - thanks for the correction.

Dishwasher - wellwater...not sure about hard or soft

I will look into your icemaker rec :)

Range - I have BS on my short list. But haven't looked much into Capital. I was starting to lean towards Wolf. And we have even been considering the Wolf 48 in dual range. I would love the 60...but it might be getting into more money than I can afford. I figured the two(range top and wall oven or range) would be need to be in the 13k range. So you think BS for Rangetop and the Gaggenau for dbl ovens? I do alot of entertaining - and also love to bake.

Is there anything specific I need to be considering on the ventilation?

Thanks again for your response - much appreciated!

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Dishwasher: I take it you have a whole house water softener? I would go with Miele Futura Classic Clean Touch G4225 SS $999 each.

Rangetop: Either BS or CC. Both are good options.

Ovens: I really love the side opening door on the Gaggenau. You don't need to reach over a hot door to grab your bakeware plus the oven has an air catalyzer that cleans air of grease and odor before exiting oven into the kitchen.

Ventilation: Are you looking at a metal hood, integrated wood hood or stone hood with a cabinet insert inside?

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