Tub or no tub - looking for opinions

bbstxNovember 6, 2013

DH and I are building our last house so we really aren't concerned with resale value. Today while I was meeting with the builder, he suggested that we delete the whirlpool tub in the master bathroom, and expand the size of the shower. We never use a tub. Our former house had a jetted tub and in the 7 years we lived there, we may have used it twice. We will have a standard size tub in first floor guest bathroom should we require a tub.

What is your opinion? Should we leave it as is, or should be delete the tub and expand the shower?

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I would go along with the builder and expand the shower. We are in the middle a master bath remodel and have gotten rid of the tub, rarely used, in favor of an expanded shower. I think many other people have done the same and have been very happy with the result.

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Thanks, sophierex. If we expand the shower, we can have a larger seat which may be a good for "aging in place."

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We just put in a new master bath--big shower, no tub. We have two other tubs in the house that only the dog uses....

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we are changing the master bath in a new to us house... we are removing the enormous tub and expanding the shower a bit and then adding additional cabinets for storage in the rest of the space. i did think about resale, but even with some possible resale concerns down the road, we are opting to get rid of the tub!

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busybee, that is exactly what my builder suggested... remove the tub, expand the shower, install cabinets in the extra space. DH and I are still batting it around. I think we've got until tomorrow to decide.

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Our carpenter/foreman is married to our real estate agent. She (agent) said that we should definitely have a tub in our MB for resale - b/c people will want it, even though they may never use it! Carpenter said to toss the tub - a larger shower would be better.

We tossed the tub, replaced it with a large walk in shower. Shower will have a handheld shower head - one of those on a sliding bar - and a built in bench, also "nonhospital" grab bars. We found some *great* tiles for a small tile mural with matching accent tiles - should be very nice, and much more attractive and useful than a tub.

We did agree to a tub in the second bathroom - a tub/shower combo. If I had my druthers, I'd switch that tub to a shower as well. Oh well. This is a one story house, so both bathrooms can be reached without stairs.

We're putting a bench in the extra space in our master bathroom. You know, for sitting on after your shower, drying your toes off, etc. Although we did also consider a cabinet for towels. Extra storage.

Most people we've talked to say that they rarely use bathtubs as adults. We feel good about our decision.

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I'm an adult. I use a tub sometimes - it's great for my aching back, and just generally relaxing (you can soak in the tub for as long as you like without using extra water, unlike with a shower).

But you don't use the tub, and you're not planning to move. So don't get a tub. In my experience, about 40% of owners are fine not having a bathtub in the owner's suite bathroom, and most of those would rather have a larger shower or extra sink, cabinet, or walking space. So even if you unexpectedly have to sell the house, there will be plenty of buyers that don't mind not having a tub, even though some potential buyers will balk. You don't have to please everybody.

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You've probably already made your decision. But, I agree with the carpenter. Nix the tub, and expand the shower, add storage, bench or something else that YOU will use! We are currently building a 5 X 3 shower in our MB, and I AM a tub person! But I will have MY tub in the main bath, and am so looking forward to having a nice large shower compared to the 28" X 28" that was there previously!

My Mom, who is NOT a tub person, really regrets putting in a big whirlpool tub and having just a regular sized shower in the MB of her new home. Like you, this is the last house she will build. She just loves the 4 X 3 shower in our guest bath, and said it just never occured to her to not have a bath (which I think she has used once or twice...AND she has two other tubs in her house!)

Let us know what you decided to do!

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bbstx, so what did you decide? :) letting go of the tub does feel like letting go of an old car.. but you're right, if either of you use it, then it should go. and you have that back-up tub downstairs anyway.

how does your new shower look?

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We are doing the opposite in our MB. We have a 5 x 3' acrylic shower with two benches and glass doors. It's a pain to keep clean and mold-free. We don't sit while showering. We have a guest bath with a 60 x 30 x 16" tub, which is good for bathing the dogs and children that we don't have. I actually shower in there because it's easier to keep the tub clean than the shower stall. DH likes to soak in a tub before bed and the 16" tub is too shallow. So we hope to put an 18" deep tub and shower in a tiled alcove in the MB.

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Mayflower - so you'll have no separate shower stall?

How will you shower/bathe if you break a leg/have knee or foot surgery and only have tubs in the house?

I have had orthopedic problems and only had a tub in my home. After the last time, climbing in and out of that darned tub was such a pain that I swore I'd just stay dirty rather than deal with crutches and a tub again.

Of course, I may get tired of cleaning our new walk in shower, but it will only have *a* smallish bench and no door, so that will help.

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Our house only has a powder room on the main floor, so the tub will be the least of our worries. Small house on a small lot, so it is what it is.

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gladys1924, good point.

We also have jacuzzi in our master bath and never used it.

I think the resale issue for the houses without a bath tub is somewhat overrated.

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As long as there is one bathroom in the house that has a tub, I think it's fine! Why waste the space and have a tub that's just a dust collector!

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I agree with all who say to get rid of the tub that you never use, and expand the shower! Our current home has a large whirlpool that we NEVER use and I would like to get rid of it and expand the walk in shower also!! I am so sick of realtors and builders who would tell us we had to put in a whirlpool tub for resale! We did that three times, never again.

I sometimes wonder if the realtors and whirlpool tub companies are in kahoots together. I am so glad to see other people feel the same way. :)

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