white epoxy grouts -- yellowing?

mabeldingeldine_gwNovember 29, 2012

DH and I are halfway through our bath reno, whoo hoo. The final step is the tub/shower surround. We will be using AO Earthenware Ice White 4" tiles with 1" square marble mosaic accent tile. We want to use an epoxy grout as we have had mold problems in the past in this room, in white.

Somewhere (on this forum I think) I read that against white tiles, epoxy grout can take on a yellow hue. Can anyone speak to that issue?

If yellowing is a problem, we are leaning toward a very pale grey to complement the marble and the wall paint color. Is Laticrete silver shadow the best option in that situation? How about a Mapei or Tec product? Can anyone report which of the three is easiest for a novice tiler to use?

I've included a photo of the marble against the bright white wainscoting, but I'm not sure if that will be any help.

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White epoxy can yellow over time. There are no guarantees. You can call the tech department and see hat they have to say. I never use white epoxy due to the potential of yellowing.

Of the three grouts you mentioned, I use Laticrete. It's "do-able" if you have basic skills, if you can read and follow instructions, and if you pace yourself. There's no sarcasm intended there.

Seriously, the number one thing is to read the instructions and follow the instructions and the timeline.

Silver Shadow would look nice with that tile.

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What Mongo says, always:)

I think the tile is beautiful and would look wonderful with Silver Shadow. I ordered stick samples from the Laticrete web site and they came right away. I think they are good representations. I have read on some site possibly Laticrete that they do not recommend using the Spectralock Pro along side the Spectralock Pro Premium. Because of the slight color differences in the base material I presume. The colorants are all the same. I think the Spectralock Pro is an earlier version of the Spectralock Pro Premium. The container of epoxy have a different look. Lowes sells the Spectralock Pro. I bought the Spectralock Pro Premium off of a website that Laticrete Co. linked to on their website. The stuff is expensive, but I am a DIYer and for my job I went with this product. It looks great on my floor. I have yet to complete my walls, but will use Spectralock Prp Premuium again in Silver Shadow with white tiles.

Oh I hope I haven't gone too far off of your topic question.

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Thanks Mongo and Enduring.

I will take it slow, read the directions and utilize the freezer trick to extend the workability of the grout. I want to do this right! Even getting to this point has been so much work I want to do everything I can to make the last phase work well.

Enduring, I read an earlier thread where you pointed to that website, and commented about the differences between the Spectralock Pro and the Spectralock Pro Premium.

Given the concerns with yellowing, I think we will go with the Silver Shadow. Thanks again for all your help!

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I used the small amount of reserved freezer grout within 2 days, and it was only to do a few divots in the main part of the floor. You would defiantly be going "off label" by freezing. The info on freezing was from a John Bridge forum post. There were some skeptical remarks made about the practice. Go there and search to see what is said about it over there. I probably should not have posted that suggestion, sorry. I am just a DIYer and sometimes a risk taker.

There are Laticrete YouTube videos showing how to install the epoxy grout. Very helpful visuals.

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Great tip on the videos, thanks! What I mean by the freezer tip is to keep half a batch in the freezer while I grout just to extend the workability. It won't be for any more than a half a day most like, although I might try your idea of hanging onto some grout in the freezer to fill voids etc. after the final cleaning.

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