Tub/Shower Delima for kids bathroom

DougdevSeptember 11, 2012

Just wandering your thoughts on a bathroom for a child. Does it need a bath or would just a shower suffice?

I know I could do a combo bath/shower unit but those are a bit uglier than just a shower and might take up a bit more space.

But others have said a bath is needed in a kid's bathroom?

(we already will have a bath in our MB)

Thoughts? Bath/shower combo or just shower for a future kid?

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I would go with a nice tub and tiled walls with shower head. We have a 2.5 year old and an 8 week old. The tub gets a TON of use with them. But once they are old enough, they can take showers.

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If it is a future kid, I would do a bath/shower. Some kids are bathers, and they will bathe for years;) My youngest is now 7 (boy) and he started taking showers a year or so ago. When we were designing this house we asked if he wanted a bath or shower and he said bath. We have two other tubs (other kids have showers only) . . . he now wishes he had a shower since his brothers are so cool, but he doesn't:). If it was a young child, I would be on the fence about it but it sure is nice to have a tub when they are little with all the bath paraphernalia (special soaps, toys, bath seat, etc.).

Since it is a future kid, I would say tub for sure. . . Not sure how long you will be in this house but I would think you would get 5 plus years of bath only and then you would still have the option to shower if they want when they get older.

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My twin boys are 10. Most of the time they take showers but once in a while one or the other of them will want (or need) to take a good soak.

When they were small, I used the tub all of the time.

I vote for a tub with tile surround. We got a handheld on one of those adjustable rods to account for them getting taller.

Shower curtain while they were little.

Love the wall mounted shampoo/soap for their room.

Simple but works--

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I'd definitely include a bath.

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I did tubs with tile surrounds for both of my children....even though ds is 12 and mostly takes showers, he plays sports and sometimes needs to soak his muscles. Plus, I didn't want to deal with the maintenance of a glass shower enclosure for their baths (even with the special glass coating, keeping those doors pristine is a PITA.) They both have really nice custom shower curtains.

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We are building showers only for our older kids, but will have one tub/shower combo for our 3 1/2 year old in our new build. It was a hard decision as I prefer the shower, but I just soaked my toddler after a night spent climbing a dirt pile on site and I am really glad we have a tub for her. Shower alone would never get her toes and fingers as clean as a good soak and I definitely did not want her cute, dirt covered body anywhere near my master bath. My 12 and 10 year olds still like a bath now and then, but I figure that they can use ours or their little sister's. We will have hand showers on slide bars for all of them instead of a fixed shower head - great for cleaning the bath and for rinsing off dirty little legs :)

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We were planning a shower-only bathroom for one of our kids until we learned a freestanding shower takes more space than a tub/shower.

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Another vote for bath/shower. My oldest is almost 4, and most nights we do a bath. He likes to take showers, but most days it really takes a good soak in the tub to get all the sand and dirt off of him. My younger 2 definitely take baths. Kids love playing in the water. It really relaxes them before bed.

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Yes, yet another vote for bath/shower. One thing I did and wish I didn't is purchase a sloped floor tub-I should have gotten a flat bottom as guests shower in it often. Kids at 7 and 4 always bathe.
I would reccommend a removable head faucet with some length it is nice to take the shower nozzle down and rinse feet, clean toys and also clean the tub and tile. I even have one in my other tub (w/out shower) and everyone who stays says, "genious!" as they rinse the bath bubbles/product clean:)

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I would also recommend the tub/shower combo as it provides flexibility. Our kids are grown, but I cannot imagine having young kids without a tub available in their bath. Prior to our first build, we looked at pre-existing homes. One home immediately was a "no" as the kids bath only had a shower. I could not imagine trying to bathe our kids in the giant jetted tub in the master bath.

As some one else said, sometimes older kids need to soak sore muscles. My S often would soak at the beginning of his sports season when workouts were tougher. I also think nothing feels better than a hot, steamy bath when one has a head cold.

It doesn't need to be ugly. We also did the tub/shower combo with a tile surround in each of the secondary baths. There are some more attractive surrounds out there now.

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My vote is for tub/shower combo as well. My children are older as they in their early teens. They each shower mostly, but like nini804 said above, each like a soak for their muscles since they are both High School Soccer players. I am also adding a dock in their baths for their iPhones which they both love to play while showering or soaking. I think when they don't have to share a bath anymore at the new house, baths will be a lot more common for each of them.

BEst of luck!

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iPhone's in the shower?! I thought that would ruin them.

Shows what I know.

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