BR111 Wenge Hardwood Flooring

lzhwongSeptember 3, 2012

We are building a house and looking for a dark, durable hardwood. We plan on installing hardwood throughout the entire downstairs. From what I read, it is a very hard wood and rates fairly high on the janka system. It just doesn't seem to be a very commonly used wood. Has anyone installed wenged hardwood floors in their house? The only place I could find it is on the BR111 website.

Thank you for any feedback.

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I too have been looking at the wenge from BR111. I have ordered a sample and it is a beautiful. We are looking for a dark, *hard* hardwood as well. I have not found it anywhere else yet. After reading a little deeper I found that on the BR111 site it was 8/10 for hardness. However on other websites such as and here

Wenge seems to be at 1630. Which is not very hard. I have been looking at these floors for a while as my plans are being permitted. They used to have an engineered wenge, but it seems to be discontinued. Pecan is rated higher and the cost is lower as well. You might wanna look at that.

If anyone has the Wenge from BR111, I would love for some pics and feedback as well. Keep me updated lzhwong I would like to know what you end up going with.


Here is a link that might be useful: janka

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Hi agentslim,

We are actually looking at the engineered wenge as well and I saw it on their website a few months ago and it's no longer there. I called BR111 and spoke to a lady named Barbara and they can get it in stock. It's $8.48/sq ft which I think is higher than what it was advertised before but she said depending on how much you order you can possibly get a discount. I believe that price was for the 5 inch planks but don't quote me on that one.

What other dark hardwoods are you looking at? I am interested in an engineered product because it is less prone to warping. Like you, we are also in the "permit process" and since we are building on water it may take awhile. I prefer a wood that is naturally dark instead of one that is stained to be dark.

Keep in touch! I would love to see what other options you are contemplating. I will look into the pecan.


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Hi Linda,

I am also looking at indusparquet. Ive read that they were once br111's distributor. These look nice online, I have yet to find a local store that has some samples in stock. We are on a tight budget so wenge at 8.48 is still very high. It was in the $6 range before i think.

Here is a link that might be useful: indusparquet

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i am glad you are considering one of BR111's high quality floors. Wenge is a very unique and exclusive specie, not widely offered as prefinished flooring due to its high costs, due to usages for special panels and specialty projects like high end decorative pieces, etc. The hardness is nothing to worry about,if compared to read oak (1.290 psi). BR111 wenge has 8 coats of high resistant UV finishes applied to it from BONA which re enforces its beauty and durability, allowing us to offer a 50 years warranty. We are the only ones offering this product, as many others species of which we were the pioneer in this industry. We have just sold a 30K sq.ft. job to a museum in NY which should take installation sometime next year. Please feel free to call us should you have any concerns or future questions. Finally wenge is one of the very feel species that can be found in nature, which presents us with a dark natural color as compared to other options that are mainly stained with dark stains to try to copy it. thanks.

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as Indusparquet's products are quite nice and high quality as well, they do not offer Wenge, as i believe BR111 is quite exclusive on that specie, specially prefinished...BR111 is running some special disconts on some of its products including wenge, shoud you like the that particular specie for your home, please contact us and we will try our best to work with you and your budget, as by offering products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, allow us to be a bit more flexible than if offered through distributors+dealers, which adds lots of extra costs to the cost of the final products.

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Thank you for your input Daniel. Is there a person I ca. Speak to directly when I contact you?

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you can call me directly tomorrow at 305 882 8842 #1725

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Quick update here all. So I ended up contacting Daniel from BR-111 and ordering some Havana Cherry. First batch arrived promptly. My installer did notice each box had less sq footage than what I paid. So I needed to order some additional boxes.

My second batch was due to arrive Sept 15th, it is now January 7th and my floorings have yet to arrive. The worst part is that the team at BR-111 has been very unresponsive when I inquire about updates. I sent an email to Keith and Daniel from BR-111 a few weeks ago and have yet to receive a response. Hopefully Daniel111 checks the forums more often than his emails....

While the floors are beautiful, beware of the customer service team. BUYER BEWARE.

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Please do yourselves a favour and look at BR111's ratings on the BBB site. We ordered flooring from them that was defective, promised a refund for which never came.

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agentslim, we are in the same boat. We installed the flooring and then had to tear out the entire floor and replace it on our own cost. Our loss was very great in the monetary sense, buth thank God we don't think money is one of the more important things in life. It was a great lesson learned for us not to trust even larger companies with empty promises and I guess that can't have a price put on it. This company BR-111 should understand that they are operating a downhill business with the number of people that they have left with no solution to their products problems. Potential buyers need to be made aware of the lack of customer service offered by this company and for this, we will continue to warn others. Mistakes are made to teach us and teach we will.

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