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Anybody like this floorplan? I really like it, although there are a few things that I would change. My wife and I are considering building in a few years. We would like a different home, and after watching the real estate market for the past couple of years, there really arent very many houses that I like. Plus, I like to build stuff!

1. Take the third bay in the garage, and make the mud/laundry room larger, also incorporate some pantry space.

2. 10x7 space would become a bathroom, so the game room could double as a guest suite.

3. Move master to the back of the house, and br 2 and br 3 to the front.

4. Courtyard - probably just get rid of. More expensive dealing with roof lines, and prefer to just have a little more interior space for bigger master closets. That being said, I do LOVE the idea of having a private courtyard with french doors for the master bathroom, I just dont like cutting into the house like it currently is.

5. I hate the morning room bump out.

6. Would prefer to bump the dining and living room front wall out at least even with front of garage and bedrooms. I really dont care too much for the exterior and roof lines anyways, so fix all of that at the same time.

7. Probably add some second floor space, taking advantage of #6 freeing up some space to add stairs.

Link to website with pics


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Wow this is the floorplan my in-laws used - built before I even knew them. They made some modifications, though.

The porch and part of the courtyard (even with the right side of the house) got enclosed for the master bath and they have a much larger master bedroom. Ie they moved the bath into that area. along with the closet. Very nice and spacious.

The library got the door opposite the master and is a walk-in cedar storage closet for some seasonal stuff, decor items, wrapping paper etc. Then the top area of that got used for a WIC in br3 and a larger closet along the hallway.

The foyer closet is recessed into the wall instead of one of the books areas in the living/sitting. The living/sitting is used as an office.

The util/sto area got combined and is a 3/4 bath and laundry.

The dining step has an angled entry instead of the rounded edge.

The angled door to the porch is a window near the bedroom wing.

They use the atrium to close off the dogs when they leave the house. They have a doggy door to the outside and the game room to stay in there. I would have added a half wall between the atrium/carousel tot he morning room as they use this area for a breakfast table. They have put up some iron work in that area, but I think a half wall would make more sense and a banquet in that area as it is a bit on the tighter side with chairs and the table to get in/out that sliding on a banquet would make it easier.

What I don't like about the plan is their kitchen. It is very small in comparison to the rest of the house and with the pinch entry points it can become quite a traffic flow issue when the whole family is there. For everyday living for them it is ok though since it is just two of them and pets. Also not enough counterspace for anything but a single cook and the step of going from the cooktop to the kitchen with hot stuff and grand kids etc. underfoot is something my mil has commented on.

As a guest we used to stay in br2 (moved closer now) and I think for everyday use I would not have the door to the bath there. I'd rather have 2 sinks in the bath (plenty of room for it) and close that area off and make the closet larger and move the linen closet over to be able to have a 3 ft wide door into the bath. It is only 2ft in the plan which is what they have. Just too much noise into br2 from the bath as is when sleeping and others are using it. Would prefer some separation there, which closing it off helps. It is also a pain to keep track of locking/unlocking the doors with two doors into the bath.

One other thing with the high ceilings and they have all tile floors there is a fair amount of noise that travels down the hallways to the bedrooms.

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I just looked at the link and the house elevation looks similar, but my in-laws house is all brick with some accents in brick. I think I prefer the look of theirs.

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