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saeyedocOctober 29, 2013

Just purchased a 50's modern house, closing in a month. Part of this project involves a total kitchen redo, removing some walls to make everything open to the family room, getting rid of the formal dining room. Architect says I'll have enough room to do what I want. No set budget. It will mostly be my wife and I, with the kids visiting from college for holidays and breaks.
Initially was was considering a 36" induction cooktop from Miele or Wolf with wall ovens. We stayed in an apartment in Barcelona this summer that had induction and I loved the speed. Part of the interest has to do with the lower blower requirements allowing for a more sleek looking hood.
I do have some concerns about Wok cooking though, I used to do some when I had an old Thermador. Seems limited on an induction stove.
I've also considered some of the newer type ovens like steam, combi or speed ovens, but question how much I'd use them. We currently have dual 27" ovens, one with convection and find the size to be adequate. I do have some concerns about using 24" ovens, too small for Thanksgiving?
It seems like a range could get me most of what I want in a smaller footprint and slightly lower cost.
Now considering the new Bluestar Platinum series. Good choice? I like the idea of the open burners, seems more efficient and easier to really clean thoroughly when needed. Not sure about how good the griddle set up is on that one.
What else should I be looking at? Bluestar repair network seems good in this area, spoke to one of the authorized repair guys yesterday and he really like their products.
A very helpful salesman was steering me more towards Wolf E series or Miele, but of course he doesn't sell Bluestar.
Would like a griddle, don't really need a grill since it's warm most of the year here and I do that outside.

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Re some of your Bluestar questions: I've had my 36" RNB about eight months now, the open burners are truly a pleasure to cook on, and very easy to keep clean. I love my griddle, and use it often, although I believe the Platinum has an interchangeable griddle/grill? If so, I'm not sure if that griddle is the same set up as the full time one I have though.

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Yes, it looks like it's a removable deal that can function as a griddle or grill, just fits over the burners. Probably not as good as something like the infrared one on a Wolf.

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