What size hood?

AGK2003October 9, 2013

we are planning on a 30" thermador range (maybeeee getting the 36" but think kitchen's too small). if we go with the 30", do we also get a 30" hood? i've seen recommendations for the 36" hood on a 30" range but would rather not take up cabinet space. will we regret the smaller hood? thank you!

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yes, the general recommendation is getting a bigger hood than your range so that it can capture everything (heat/oil/smoke) from your range. generally, you want your hood to be 4-6" wider.

However, in practice, I want to say most people get the same size hood as the range. That's because you get more cabinet space, the hood and the range will line up, and all the cabinet door on top and bottom will line up better aesthetically.

So, the choice is yours and either way is fine (unless there is a code in your city where you have to get a bigger hood). Do you do a lot of serious cooking that produce a lot of smoke/oil? Do you have ranges that produces a lot of heat? or do you prefer things to line up more and more cabinet space?

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Another thing to consider is a deeper hood. When your cooking on front burners, it's needed. I bought a 48x24, so only 24 inches deep and Trevor @ Eurostoves recommended a wider hood and 27 in deep. A year later...shoulda went with the deeper and wider. Clears the smoke and heat faster...We live n learn..

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Having just installed a 30" hood over my range, I will say that most everything is sucked up sideways from the back burners but there is spillover from the front burners even at high speed. (Claimed 720 CFM) As a result I would say that while a wider hood would be preferred, I'd focus more on depth. The problem is a wider hood can look awkwardly top-heavy over a 30" range. The wider the range, the less obtrusive a few inches of overhang looks. A 30x24 hood with adequate CFM should suit the average cook fine. But it won't capture everything, a concern if you do a lot of wokking, deep frying, etc.

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Adding a picture to show the dimensions. While the hood itself is 20.5 inches deep, the "intake" is only 14". So consider this when looking at depth. Even at 14", a lot gets sucked in from the front burners when on high that spills over on lower settings. That's why I think that matching the ranges dimensions should be quite acceptable even if not perfect.

p.s. I knew this would be an issue when I bought the hood. I bought it for looks and price, to attract a typical homebuyer as I'll be selling soon.

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