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remodelqueen_2009November 22, 2009

I applied a water-based sealant to the grout in a tub surround that I tiled in our master bath. Unfortunately, it failed quickly, despite extra applications. A friend has recommended I apply 511 Impregnator. I have a few questions:

1) Do I have to remove all of the old sealer (only 6 months old, it is by Tile Labs) before applying the impregnator? If yes, then what would I use to remove the old sealant?

2) The tile guy at Home Depot told me there was no reason for me to apply the Impregnator the the grout alone - that the sealant would not harm the tile (which is ceramic, not glazed). Is this correct? [I had applied the water-based sealant to the grout only - what a PITA! It went everywhere and was difficult to clean up.]

3) Can I use the Impregnator on the 2nd bath I'm now tiling (where I'm using 6X6 regular glazed bathroom tiles)? Same question as above, would I apply it only to the grout, or just do the entire wall of tile?

Thanks for all replies!

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If by failed you mean it does not bead water then just apply the new sealer.... True the sealant will not harm the tile but it will leave a haze on it. Apply sealant to the grout and after a few mins use a wet sponge and wipe down the area to get the sealant off the tiles

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Okay-- first off, your best bet with reference to going over the waterbased Tile Lab sealer, I'd get in touch with Miracle's tech line. I have a feeling there might be a problem, but I don't know for sure, and I'd hate to see you go through the headache of having to remove the sealer from the grout (which I question if it's even possible to remove a penetrating sealer) if it's not necessary.

Now, as for the other questions with respect to application, they're right in that you don't want to leave sealer on the tile, but there's no reason you can't take a rag soaked with sealer, spread it over the whole area, let it sit for a few minutes, and then take a dry absorbent rag, and wipe off the excess. You DO need to wipe off the excess, though.

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511 is a great sealer and has a good reputation. Be sure to remove the excess as soon as it starts to haze--if it dries it can be a real pain to clean up.

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What's the secret to wiping off the excess sealer from the tiles? I thought I did a good job, but my tiles have a bunch of haze. I'm reapplying a little sealer to the tiles to remove the haze but it is very labor intensive and my arms are tired. Are there any tricks of the trade?

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I was told by a sales rep that when using 511 impregnator sealer to just spread it over everything, I just finished installing natural stone, do I need to wipe it off the stone to prevent hazing or is the sales rep right in telling me put it on everything and let it cure/dry ?

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For natural stone, you want it over everything. Natural stone needs to be sealed. If you were using porcelain, that'd be a different answer.

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