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lotodigSeptember 24, 2011

I've had to run all the security scans and get rid of a trojan, also did a restore. But now I can't get the Firefox tool bar to reset like it was with all my addon's showing. I looked in the "customize" drop down menu but none of the icons (buttons?) I need are in there.

Where can I find the buttons/icons for the addons I have downloaded?

I've googled and searched but can't figure out where to find these lost icons.

have FF 4.01

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

first what infection did you have? what did you do to try to clean it up? Did you get the clean up help at a support forum?

what particular add on buttons do you mean?
the list of add ons is under tools > add ons you should see them all there and if you hilight one you should have access to it's options and preferences settings.

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Raven, the infection was Trojan.Agent/Gen-FakeAV[InfoCard]

I ran a Malwarebyte scan, superantispyware scan,it's the one that found the trojan, MSE scan, Eset Online scan. I did not go to the support forum, at one point I could not connect to the web, everything was completly frozen, had to do an unplug to shut down. When I rebooted I went into safemode and was able to do the eset scan. I'm not sure how I got it going again, but I did.

Everything seems to be working again, except for the Icon for the Addons.

I have gone to the tools> add on page but I don't see there how to transfer the icons to my FF tool bar. One in paticular that I use a lot is the "Read Later" add on. The yellow >> is in the address bar but the icon that goes with it that says "Read" is not there. Also I have the "Download Manager Tweek" but no icon. These are not on the customize list when you do a right click dropdown menu from the FF part of the toolbar.

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Might be time to install a more current version of Firefox. I'll provide a link and it's for version 6.0.2.

Here is a link that might be useful: Firefox download 6.0.2

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zep, you're propably right, I'll do the download as soon as I get this other thing straight. thanks

There was a reason I waited and did not do it, but now I don't remember what it was. Sometimes I live in the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' land of senior citizens. Which goes along with the 'don't remember' comment.

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Old news but worthy:

"Unnoticed in the Tuesday release of Firefox 5 was Mozilla's decision to retire Firefox 4, shipped just three months ago. Mozilla spelled out vulnerabilities it had patched in that edition and in 2010's Firefox 3.6, but it made no mention of any bugs fixed in Firefox 4 on Tuesday, because Firefox 4 has reached what Mozilla calls EOL, for 'end of life,' for patches. Although the move may have caught users by surprise, the decision to stop supporting Firefox 4 has been discussed within Mozilla for weeks. In a mailing list thread, Christian Legnitto, the Firefox release manager, put it most succinctly on May 25: 'Firefox 5 will be the security update for Firefox 4.' Problem is, users are being prompted to upgrade now but are hesitant because the new rapid release of updates means many add-ons are not compatible. And without security updates in between, many could be left exposed with unpatched browsers."

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

it might be a good idea to go over to LzD and just have them look over your pc since you did have one of the fakeAV infections, sometimes malwarebytes does not remove everything, making sure it is all gone would be your best bet.
Analysis and Malware Removal

You can tell them what all you have done and ask to check if it all seems clean now. That may not be what is causing your icon issue but making sure that type of infection is all gone is important.

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RC, I posted over at the Ldz forum, I'll let you know what the outcome is..thanks

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The outcome at Ldz was good, Corrine said everything was clear. I did do the update on FF, it was a disaster, when I rebooted it crashed. Hope I have everything back on track now. Thankfully I had the IE browser to go to. I know stuff like that has to be done but I dread doing major steps like that, seems like things are more and more complicated and one size never fits all.

But for what I've learned here I never would have been able to figure out what to do or even where to start.

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I just updated to Firefox 7.0.
FF 6.0.2 is so, like, yesterday!

Adblock Plus disappeared, but I was able to reinstall it. Weird! The moving ads on GardenWeb make me dizzy, so it was very obvious to me that something was amiss.

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