Hanging shelves but toilet off centered

legacybuilder2November 24, 2013

We just moved in our new home a couple weeks ago. DH was broadcasting that we would be having Thanksgiving in our house before we even closed on it. Now our friends are holding us to it..HaHa!! So it's a mad dash to decorate somewhat. For some reason our toilet isn't centered on the wall, didn't notice until DH hung my shelf. In some pic it doesn't look bad but it sticks out badly to me looking at it in person.

Should I center it with the toilet or keep it as is? I have two shelves, same size, to hang and one little plaque I was going to put right under the first shelf.

Those aren't items I plan putting on there, just making sure they can hold stuff. They fell off the first time. LOL!

Oh yea, do you think the basket on the floor is too tacky for the paper towels? I wanted to put a small table or something in there, but I didn't want to make it too cramped.

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I wonder if the toilet got arranged that way because is it an awkward angle where the 3 walls meet. It looks square with the wall near the flush handle. If you needed a grab bar that might be better actually. If the toilet was centered on that back wall it might be too close to the wall on the left. If it was angled to look like it was centered, then the back of the tank wouldn't line up and both walls would fan out from the toilet and be too far for a proper positioned grab bar.

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Yes, I think the paper basket is too bulky. Why don't you get a metal free standing one in the same finish as the towel ring ? I think it will tie things together .
Is the toilet tank flush with the wall ? What are you putting on this shelf ? Can you put the chosen item on the shelf , remove the tissue box sitting on the tank and then take another picture ?
I don't like the way it is either now , but maybe with your chosen item it will look better .
Oh , I got an idea . Try to center it half way in between centering it with the toilet and centering it with the wall , maybe it will look better .
Congrats on your new home and have a happy thanksgiving .

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It's probably that way because of how the floor joists run and thus how they needed to run the toilet drain line.

I'd get a wider shelf that runs nearly the entire width of the wall. I think that will minimize the off-centered-ness.

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Can I go beyond the question asked? Instead of tiny shelves on that awkward little wall, I'd hang something bigger on the big empty wall to the left of the towel ring. The shelves you're trying to do draw attention not just to the fact that the toilet is off-center, but they also call unnecessary attention to the teeny little part of the bathroom.

Also, your bathroom needs some color! If you don't like the idea of a bigger painting or mirror or plaque on the large wall, at some point will you paint the walls?

Third, for Pete's sake please pick up that fallen plunger or toilet brush or whatever it is! Yes, you've noticed that already--I suppose I'm trying to be amusing and I hope you don't think I'm a jerk.

I don't get the paper towel thing--is it a dispenser? If so, isn't that too far down for guests to reach comfortably to get a towel? It seems awkward to me. I'd just hang a hand towel on the ring. You must officially hate me now, but keep in mind I am thinking of what I'd do if this were my bathroom and I'm giving my honest opinion.

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Thanks for all the feedback! I totally love this site. Everyone is so helpful and honest on every forum. I got so many compliments from my last home from the feedback for this site. I'm not a professional at all on decorating, but I want my home to look beautiful.

LongTime--I don't hate you I appreciate honest feedback. Keep it coming.

I am trying to use items I already had to decorate. As a SAHM and homeschooling, buying all new everything isn't an option right now. I'm thankful that we got a bigger home and I didn't have to go back to work. I know the shelves are small but I was thinking they could work on this wall since it was small too. I wonder if I could could stagger them; putting one closer to the wall on left and other closer to wall on right.

I hate that towel ring but I didn't want to have a patched hole for Thanksgiving. I am going to put a towel there for guests.

I was considering one of those ladder shelves to put to the left of the towel ring. What do you think about that?

I do plan to paint this bathroom, it is blahhh to me. However, I have two other paint projects going on right now that must be complete by the time guests arrive on Wednesday.

If I put a picture to the left of the towel ring and scratch the shelves, do I need something on the left wall where the door is or just leave that blank?

With this house, I'm going for a coastal cottage feel.

Please thank my lovely assistant.

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i was going to suggest staggering the 2 shelves... that wuold help to mask the off centerness i think.

i too wouldn't want the papertowels so low, tho it would be handy for little ones, like your cute little asst!

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I'm a stay at home mom as well... when one is at school and the other is napping, I waste way too much time on here! I could never homeschool though--I need the break!!

It sounds like you're taking on a lot already what with trying to paint right before the big day. I'm too much of a procrastinator to even attempt something like that. My house would be half painted and people would start showing up.

I think the mirror above the pedestal sink is nice and even if this bathroom doesn't get much done to it in the next couple days, hopefully people won't be spending enough time in there to pay attention!

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Since you are doing two shelves I think staggering them will help disguise the fact that the toilet is not centered.

If you need a quick fix for the basket maybe it will look a little less bulky if you remove the dowel/rod all together or use it to hang a couple of cute guest towels. Then you can put the paper towels back after Turkey day is over.

Also, kid art is the best! Have a happy holiday!

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I agree with the two other posters that suggested hanging both shelves above the toilet, but staggered. Move the one a little to the left, and hang the other one a little to the right. About the basket... if it works for you and your little one can reach the paper towels, then I think it's cute!

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I was originally going to say I'd center the shelf on the toilet rather than on the wall, but I agree with the last few posters - staggering the shelf and the plaque is a terrific idea.

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Oh you've got a fantastic helper! I bet she loves the decorating. I love the sign too. I agree with the other comments, that putting the focus on the other wall might be helpful, or have a more asymmetrical layout on the wall at the toilet...Or both :)

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I did stagger the shelves and I put the sign in between the shelves. You don't even look at the toilet to notice it's off centered.

Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Great job, now we want to see it once your company leaves:)

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