dishwasher noise level

jackiemcgOctober 5, 2007

I have decided on most of my appliances for my kitchen remodel but am having a hard time with the dishwasher. One of my main priorities (besides cleaning well) is the noise level. I know all dishwashers are rated by db level but what does that really mean? I have not been to a showroom that has running dishwashers to test the noise level so how do you know if it will be quiet enough?

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Joe Henderson LRG

dB level is pretty straight forward. The lower the better

For reference typical speaking voice for most people is 58-60dB. Also for reference is that dB is not a linerar systems it's a mulitple systems, so going lower has a greater effect

most people consider:
42-46dB Almost silent $1200-1900
47-50dB quiet $800-$1200
51-55dB normal $600-$800
55dB plus loud This is all estimated so some people differ
european machines will be unviersally a few dB quiter than their american couterparts(apples to apples) but there are some things to understand about their function(drying is something to get used to and you'll have a little trap to clean out periodically)

Call the manufacturer if they dont list the numbers online because they all have them

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I think anything in the range of 45-50dB is good enough. Quietness is a subjective matter. Depends on ambient noise level as well. If your local appliance center doesn't have a demo unit, try going to Sears, they usually have one around. Hope this helps !

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joboxes - thanks for all the info. That actually helps make sense of the db quite a bit.

mminkous - I will stop by Sears and see if they have something hooked up. Thanks

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Keep in mind that installation is critical to quiet operation. Installation with any significant (1/16-1/8 inch) gaps between dishwasher and cabinetry/floor can make the quietest dishwasher seem noisier than a medium-quiet dishwasher. My ASKO "became" much quieter when I eliminated gaps between the dishwasher and the surrounding cabinetry. Be aware of that when you evaluate dishwashers "installed" in an appliance store -- they're installed with more of an eye to getting the job done, not optimizing the fit.

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Miele rates their noise levels from Q1 to Q5 with Q5 being the quietist. I'm not finding the exact db level for their rating. Anyone know?

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I think the Miele db ratings have been posted on various threads (do a search for Miele, jerrod, or rococogurl and that info will most likely turn up).

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from jerrod's post...

Q5 42DB - LaPerla
Q4 44DB - Excella
Q3 46DB - Optima
Q2 48DB - Diamante
Q1 50DB - Inspira/Advanta

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Here's an inherent problem in the system: While joboxes is correct that all of the manufacturers have dB levels for their dishwashers, there is no industry standard to compare ASKO to Miele to Bosch to Kenmore etc. The industry has not decided how or whether to measure sound when the appliance is loaded, empty, under a cabinet, freestanding, with a mike 1 inch away or five feet away. No standard test equals no standards to compare one brand to another.
The dB levels DO allow you to compare one model to another within the brand line. There will be a linear progression based on features and cost within the product line.

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I like your thinking.

If I were a manufacturer I would probably take measurments when:

The machine is fully loaded-less chance of water taking a direct hit to the sides and doors.

The machine is in the wash with detergent-the water is slippery and less likely to make sharp hitting sounds.

The machine is fully installed and carefully surrounded with cabinets.

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Mando_p - Thanks for the info.

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Joe Henderson LRG are 100% correct i think they are strictly for comparison purposes.

just be aware that typically european machines (bosch miele and asko) are much closer to legitimate dB range than others. I can't tell you why but when Bosch says 50dB it always comes out quieter than K/A or GE's version of 50dB

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Our Monogram is so quiet we have to touch the handle to tell if it is running except when the water is filling. It is VERY quiet. We were quite surprised for a GE dishwasher and the performance has been good too. Even plastic is DRY.

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FWIW, our Inspira with a custom panel (which probably helps) installed into a properly sized opening (gasket seals all the way around, but open at the kick (room for the custom panel to swing in when the door swings down) is quiet enough that I and other frequently open it when its running by mistake.

If everyone shuts up, you can hear it quietly running. Of course, it is noiser when filling or, uh, purging. Still, I have to put my hand on it to know if it is running.

Very happy with this level of quietness.

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