Our plans are final! Thank-you for all your help!

auroraborelisSeptember 1, 2012

Thank-you to everyone who provided us with advice regarding our plans over the past six months. It took us a bit longer than we would have liked to get to this point, however we are thrilled with the end product and all the advice (and criticism) we received on GW really helped us get it all right upfront (hopefully)!

We are now waiting on construction drawings and engineering (6 weeks), and then we will simultaneously submit them for permitting (8 weeks) and for our construction loan (60 days). I expect we will be able to break ground in January! Just keep your fingers crossed with me that it appraises for our costs!

The only two things on this plan that still need to change are: the dimensions of the island, and the swing of the toilet closet door.

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Laura- It looks wonderful! :)

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Congrats! It looks great. I was at this stage when I was 7/8 months pregnant. The baby is almost 3 months now and our basement walls go up this week. She was definitely a good distraction through the last tedious loan and permitting approvals. Hopefully it will be the same for you!

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It looks like we will be submitting permits and applying for the loan the same week our baby is due! Talk about timing!

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Congratulations! Keep us posted on your build progress!

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I think it looks great! And, I really like the way your elevation turned out. Enjoy your baby!

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Looks great. What did you decide on for the wine storage? Or do I have you confused with somebody else?

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That was me with the wine storage issues.... We are putting a 27" wine fridge in the kitchen and a few extra freestanding wine fridges in the garage. Not what we were hoping for, but really the only reasonable solution!

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