No Net Framework?????

mxyplxSeptember 23, 2012

I have XP/Pro on 2 comps as I'm in the process of swapping comps. Now I installed xp/pro on #2 with the same disk that came with #1 so presumably they are identical OS but there are differences due I guess to the different Mobo's.

Well I just noticed the #2 does not have the Net Framework listed in the Add/Remove. Original update was maybe 100 files plus all those since. I've done nothing except click OK on any update proposed.

How come? I don't miss it, not complaining, so far everything seems to work OK; just curious.

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Wikipedia says:
Windows XP (including service packs) does not come with any version of the .NET Framework installed.

So don't worry... When something you install in thr future requires it... it will tell you. No reason to have it if you don;t have something requiring it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I agree I would like to have it all gone but unfortunately some things require it, till you find something that tells you it is required just ignore it and then decide if you really need what ever it is that requires it.

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There are many versions of .NET Framework, don't installed it unless your applications need it. Remember to do Windows Update after the applications installed the .NET Framework as there are usually patches to apply.

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