Shower help needed: proper slope for ledge on top of half wall?

kmcgNovember 9, 2012

Of course these things happen on a Friday when nobody's reading, but if any of you have advice, I need it asap! I have a half-wall on one side of the shower, and glass will go on top. My contractor today installed a quartz cap piece on top of the wall; it matches the counter. He put it at quite a slope - one side is 1/4" higher than the other, over a span of 6". I know he did that so water drains toward the inside of the shower, instead of toward the glass. But to my eye, without the glass there, it looks like a pretty exagerated slope. Will this kind of slope interfere with the glass-holding U-channel, which I assume has to sit on top of a flat surface? Do I need to yank that thing off there, before the thinset dries, or does this sound okay?

And by the way, the contractor doesn't normally do this counter-type stuff, so he wasn't completely sure how to attach the cap to the top of the wall. We decided thinset mortar would be a good plan. Were we wrong? What do people normally use?

Thank you for any help you can offer while I panic!

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Generally, you need a quarter inch per foot. This is for the floor....I go a bit more as I like to see the water fairly "Rush" to the drain. Having said that, his slope is a bit excessive, but not unduly so. Half of that would have been adequate.....but if the leaning shampoo bottles don't bother you, don't worry. Better more than less. ALL horizontal surfaces.....curb, niches, benches need to slope in towards the drain.

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Thanks so much, stonetech! Maybe this will keep me from stacking things there in front of my beautiful glass wall, anyway. I am getting used to how it looks.

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For a half-wall cap piece that will support glass, I want the cap flat where the glass will bear upon it.

In your case where one side is wet, I'll bevel that side. If the cap is 6" wide, about half the width, or about 3", will be beveled. Shaving it down about 1/8" over those 3" gives an effective pitch of 1/2" per foot of run. Plenty enough for drainage.

This drawing is intended for door thresholds, but the profile is roughly the same. If your cap was 6" wide and 1" thick and you wanted the glass roughly centered on the cap, I'd start the bevel about 2-3/4" from one edge and take it down so the beveled edge is 7/8" thick.

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Oh shoot! That bevel makes a lot of sense, but I of course didn't ask the fabricator to do it that way. Given that the piece is flat, should I just keep it on the
angle it's already on? Or do you think the shower installers can compensate when they put in the U-Channel?

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I'd ask the glass installers. Tell them that it's pitched 1/4" over 6", or the equivalent of 1/2" per foot.

The slope could create issues depending on the channel they use and how they intend to secure the channel to the cap.

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Thanks mongo!

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Shower guy gave a thumbs up; seemed to think angle was not quite what I calculated.

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