Can't figure out Bosch cutom panel dishwasher template

Pendleton123October 10, 2012

Bosch is making me feel dumb. The template that came with my panel ready SHV68R53UC dishwasher doesn't make any sense to me. I'm hopeful someone else had the same problem.

You're supposed to slide the template up so it hits the underside of the countertop. Then you mark the edges of the template at the same height as the surrounding cabinet doors/drawers. But then when you tape the template to the door with the marks aligned with the top as the instructions state, the locations for the pilot holes are off. If you secured the panel to the DW like that, the panel would end up too low. The top holes end up very close to the edge of the panel and it makes no sense to me. I had another person look at it and they thought it looked like I was doing as they instructed and agreed it made no sense. (This picture is not from my exact template, but the instructions look the same.) What am I missing?

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They are trying to show you how to make your custome panel have the same gap as your drawers form the counter top.
Install the D/w and raise it to the proper install height. Then use the template to mark the top edge of your drawer. Take the template put it on your custom panel with your mark at the top edge of the panel. then drill your pilot holes in the panel and instal the hardware. When you install the panel the top edge should match your top edge of the drawer.

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Jakvis, I read your post over and over trying to figure out how your instructions are any different than the Bosch template instructions - they really aren't. Then one sentence that I had repeatedly glossed over jumped out, "Install the DW and raise it to the proper install height." I'll be the one installing the panel, but I had my GC install the dishwasher (I don't do anything with plumbing.) Could it be? So I went and looked and Presto! There's a sizable gap between the top of the DW and the underside of the countertop. I can fit my fingers in there with room to spare. The Bosch DW install instructions don't really say just how high it should be, but I would guess until the top rubber gasket is at least touching the counter. I have a quartz counter, so the top mounting clips got moved to the side, which is maybe why he didn't notice it. Also, without any kind of a door panel, it's not immediately obvious that the height is off. I remember him leveling it, I guess he just didn't raise it. I haven't had him look at it yet, but I bet this will make all the difference in the world. So thanks for the response!

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This reply might be a bit late for Pendleton, but I thought I'd post anyway because I was having issues with the template too, and I think I've figured something out - it's a little tricky to explain verbally, but I'll try to be as clear as I can...

For the template, Bosch assumes that the dishwasher will be installed so that the top of the dishwasher is directly beneath the bottom surface of the finished countertop - i.e. directly beneath the bottom surface of the marble, granite, quartz, whatever - and that the tops of the adjacent cabinet doors will also be directly beneath the finished countertop. If that's the case, the template should work - but there still may be problems; more on that below.

Anyway, the problem we had was that we installed a 3/4" ply sub-counter beneath our very heavy cast concrete countertop, so the dishwasher is 3/4" lower relative to the underside of the finished countertop. So when I aligned the template and marked the dishwasher panel per instructions, the panel ended up too low. (I've included a snapshot showing the sub-counter - not sure if it helps explain.) When I realized that, I re-drilled the panel, placing the template 3/4" lower on the panel than it was when aligned per Bosch's instructions - lowering the template raises the panel when it's installed.

(In Pendleton's image of the template instructions above, this would mean marking the template per Bosch's instructions, as in step 5; but then instead of aligning the pencil-marks on the template with the top of the panel, as in step 6, measuring 3/4" down from the top of the panel (the thickness of my sub-counter), drawing a line on the panel, and aligning the pencil marks on the template with that line.)

So, in short: if you have any extra material beneath the bottom surface of the finished countertop, you need to lower the template when drilling the panel by the thickness of that material - i.e. if you have a 1/2" sub-counter, lower the template by 1/2" when drilling; if you have 5/8" sub-counter, lower the template by 5/8" when drilling, etc.

But... Another problem I ran into was that the holes on our template were misaligned - they were about 3/16" too high relative to the marking gauges on the top corners of the template. So when I adjusted the template for the thickness of our sub-counter and re-drilled, the panel, when mounted, was still about 5/16" too low. Not sure if this is just a misprint on Bosch's part or if all the templates are like this, but now I'm on my third drilling and I'm just measuring by hand with the help of a laser level. Hopefully Bosch has got their act together and corrected the templates - ours is marked "revision A" at the top; maybe there's a "revision B" out there that actually works. Anyway, assuming your template is correct, you should be able to adjust for a sub-counter as I described.

I've spent all morning working this out. It's 11:18 a.m.; I'm waiting until noon just for the sake of propriety and then I'm having myself a glass of wine or two. This deserves a well-aged Rioja, I think...

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I just refitted a new DW panel on my Bosch; my original panel was ordered too narrow.

So, I wanted to add a word of warning:

Ensure your panel is the width of the opening minus a gap tolerance, even if it means ignoring the value that is printed on the template. The value on the template seems to be sized for about a 23 5/6" opening.

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In most cases it won't even matter if the DW is not raised up all the way to the underside of the countertop. with one exception.

What does matter is that you place the paper template all the way to the underside of the finished countertop AND MARK THE TOP OF THE ADJACENT DOOR or DRAWERS on the graduation marks of that paper template. If your finished counter is actually a "subtop" liek Zia's then that's the underside of your finished countertop. Zia's is really two countertops rather than a subtop - which would be hidden by the built up front edge of the "money" top.

These marks will now be placed on the top edge of your dishwasher panel. Like jakvis said - all this template is doing is measuring and making easy to transfer the gap that exists between the top edge of your drawers and doors to the underside of your countertop. Most of our installers don't even use that template - but rather measure that relationship. We even install these things when there is no coutertop in place !

All you are trying to achieve is alignment of all the top edges of the doors / panels and drawer fronts of a particular elevation.

If there are problems - 99% of the time it's because the PANEL WASN'T MADE CORRECTLY. It's too short or wide or narrow. The height MUST BE the same height as the total height of all the adjacent doors or doors/drawers added together. The width cannot be any wider that the appliance opening or narrower than the min. spec given by Bosch - which I don;t know off the top of my head.

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I'm saving this - we have a Bosch 800 series on order, to be installed probably in early December (when our cabinets arrive) with a custom panel. I'm sure this will help the contractor/installer!

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I think some of the confusion is that you don't build the custom panel to the dishwasher specs.
You build the panel to the dimensions of your cabinet opening minus whatever gap your cabinets call for.

If your cabinets have an 1/8 inch gap between and on top of the doors the cabinet maker is supposed to mirror the same gaps when making the D/W panel.

It's like xedos said. 99% of the time the cabinet maker didn't didn"t measure the cabinet opening correctly.
It's a custom panel and needs to fit the opening, side to side, and top to toe kick, regardless of the size of the d/w (as long as it's wider than the D/W)

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In my case, the KD knew that the dishwasher panel was tricky and when they did the final order, they still made it too narrow! Here's the before an after -- the new panel is 1/4" narrower than the dimension of the opening. The prior was using what the template said (which is too narrow, even for the standard 24" opening). I'm adding the photo to help future people out.

Now, we're left with dilemma of what to do with the toe kicks (if anything at all). When you move to furniture feet style toekicks, you do end up with a gap by the dw.

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hey fellas, sorry to bring up old posts, but i have a question that relates to this. I ordered a panel ready bosch, to put in an existing kitchen. There is a drawer and 2 cupboards in that are there now. The specs are all perfect, but the width of our drawers and cupboards are 27''. So looking into this, since the doors sit flush with the rest of the cupboards, i think it shouldn't matter if its a little wider, should it? I will mount it like usual, just have 1'' to 1-1/2'' hanging over on each side, so its even just like the picture above. Is that correct?

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That is doable, but presents some issues.

You have to be sure the xtra weight doesn't exceed the spring rating.

You'll need to "fill in" behind the door with material to match your cabinets for looks and more importantly to have something to attach the DW to.

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I have spent the better part of the day working on my Bosch 800 Plus trying to attach the door panel. I have super precise measurements, followed the instructions to the letter and the top is NOT in the proper place. Thanks to one of the comments remarking about their problems with the concrete counters. The offset calculation is exactly what I needed to put my feet on the right path. Bosch has failed with this version of their template. My door is not flush with the underside of the countertop but the rubber edging does rub against it.

My goal was to have the panel stand proud of the top of the door as I do not want to see any part of the dishwasher door behind the panel. The template presumes your dishwasher door, not the front panel) is higher than the adjacent drawer face. This is not always the case and there are no details to factor in that variation. Once I "figure" out my approach to this door panel alignment issue, I will post some details in hopes it meets the needs of others.

When you pay over a grand for a dishwasher, the door panel should be a whole lot easier to position and fasten in the place.

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