One piece vs two piece toilets?

barb7901November 22, 2010

What is the difference/advantage/disadvantage between a one piece and two piece toilet? We are looking a Toto and don't know which way to go. Does one flush better than the other? Clog less? Or is it simply a matter of style?

This is for my teen aged son's bathroom and will only be used by him though he does sometimes tend to use lots of toilet paper. We have to have rounded bowl because of limited space.

Any advice and suggestions on which model works well will be appreciated.

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It's basically a style thing; a one-piece has a little cleaner line without the break between tank and bowl.

The one piece can be a little easier to clean, since there isn't that area between bowl and tank just doesn't exist on a one-piece.

A two piece has the potential to develop a leak between the tank and bowl, although this is rare, of course.

The actual flush on similar one- and two-piece Toto's will be virtually identical.

My first experience with Toto has been the Carlyle II. In addition to being one piece, it is one of the models which is skirted. (Skirted toilets have a smooth exterior without the normal exposed trapway, which makes the toilet exterior significantly easier to clean.)

-- Eric

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Thanks for the info. The Carlyle II is a nice looking product but we have to have rounded, which limits our options.

I think we'll take a walk on the wild side and order a one piece and hope for the best!

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...and from the herniated disc perspective, a two-piece can be easier to transport and install.

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I echo what mongoct said. As a DIYer who works solo, two piece toilets are much easier to carry - especially if the bathroom is on the second floor. Recently I installed a Toto Vespin II. The bowl weighs about 75lbs and the tank about 25. A one piece is also bigger and more awkward to carry, especially through doorways.

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Barb, are you certain you need the round bowl? The difference in depth is only about 1.5" on two Toto models I just looked at. Will that space make enough of a difference that you have to give up the elongated bowl? You definitely limit your choices of available models going with a round bowl. Also, for a teenage son's bathroom, I'll just say that most men will greatly prefer the elongated bowl shape. Having had one rounded bowl toilet, it can feel a little, um, cramped when sitting to do your business. And with a teenager who may not be as, um, careful, well, you might like the elongated bowl better, too! Okay, 'nuff said about that!

Good point, Mongo. A two piece toilet does come in two separate pieces, which makes it easier to carry around if you're doing this yourself. Also, I should note that if you're doing it yourself, some Toto toilets which come with what they call a Uni Fit rough-in are a bit more complicated to install than conventional toilet. If you have a tile floor, there's some drilling through the tile needed. If you're having a contractor do the work, then you don't need to worry about moving the one-piece (sorry, Mongo and other pros!) or the extra work with installation; if you're doing it yourself, then just be aware that there's a little more to it than a conventional toilet if you get one of the Toto's with their Uni Fit rough-in.

-- Eric

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barb7901: "We have to have rounded bowl because of limited space."

If space is the issue, then look at the actual dimensions rather than at the shape of the bowl. In most Toto models (getting back to the topic line), the one-piece toilets stick out further from the wall than the equivalent two-piece toilets. Although we are considering only elongated bowl toilets for our (cramped) powder room renonation, we found in comparing dimensions that the Caroma Bondi was three inches deeper (31+ inches vs. 28+ inches) than the Toto Vespin II.

Nothing beats comparing actual specs.

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Thanks to everyone who responded. You've brought up some great points.

jacobse-yes we need a rounded bowl. The toilet sits right in front of the bathroom door and the bathroom is only 51 inches wide and the door is 24 inches. We've measured and drawn lines and from the center of the drain pipe to where the door would hit and it's slightly less than 19 inches. I'll take a look again at some of the choices for elongated bowl (which we would prefer) but that seems to be cutting it close. My son is somewhat germ-phobic and, well, sits when he does all his business, if you know what I mean. So he's very neat about it.

mongoct-we are DIYers and when I mentioned the weight to my husband, we decided to go with 2 piece for easier installation. Now I just have to pick one out.

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collins design

For what it's worth, there ARE some "compact elongated" toilets.

We used a toto Aquia III in our master bath and it is only 27.5" from the wall. The American Standard Cadet III is 28.5".
The Aquia is skirted, dual flush, great-looking, and really compact, while having an elongated bowl and comfort height. It's SUPER comfortable. And not too expensive!!!

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