Firefox won't work after awhile

715roseSeptember 30, 2013

I like to use firefox but after I use it for awhile it just stops my connecting to anything. I switch over to Chrome & it works fine.I have an older Acer desktop running Vista.I suppose the obvious solution is to ditch firefox & just use Chrome but I just like the look of firefox & change is hard at my age.
I'm wondering if some sort of malware could cause this?

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What versions do you have? Have you tried using FF with your add-ons disabled?


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damecoy,I have firefox version 24.No,I haven't tried disabling add-ons. I like,need the add-ons. No squint &add block.If I disable can I turn them on again?I know this is a duh moment but I'm getting old.

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Click on Help. On the appearing drop down menu will be the option to disable. Go ahead and try it. When you are done testing close FF. When you reopen it all will be back to normal.

If the concern has continued with the add-ons disabled they are removed from being a potential cause.


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Damccoy,Firefox didn't go back to normal after I disabled & reopened. It said I needed to update which I attempted to do. Got a bunch of notices to update other stuff. Page is hung up now with Java saying critical update needed. I didn't have Java.
I was going to uninstall FF but can't do that because it needs to be closed in order to uninstall & page is hung on the Java thing. My security warned that something being offered (not Java) was phishing scam & I got rid of that.
I guess my question now is how to uninstall firefox?

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I am at a bit of a loss as to why you and the other poster are having this concern. It's automatic and has been that way for a while. I'm wondering about the add-ons.

Take a look on the Control Panel's Programs and Features to see if you have a Java entry. Just in case.

Updating the "other stuff"? Look and see what version of FF you have now. Historically following a FF upgrade the new version will do a check for add-on compatability.

You can reboot your system and begin anew with your quest.

Hang in there.


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Thank you DA.Yes,it seems Marita & I have the same problem.I have FF 16 now & the notice said critical to upgrade to the next level.What I really need to know is how to get rid of the Java "critical" upgrade notice.It is on there & I can't use FF at all.I can't move at all on FF.Google Chrome works OK,thankfully.
I could go ahead & do the Java upgrade but I don't trust anything that is so persistant.

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16? Is that accurate?

Do you know how to locate your Startup? From what you report there should be an entry something in the line of Java Scheduler or Java Update. When located you would uncheck that entry>Apply>OK>reboot the system. That should take care of the Java update notice.

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Hi Dc,I did not have Java on my computer. I got rid of that notice.Just simply hit Esc & went from there. I tend to make things harder than they actually are.I uninstalled firefox.I'm not sure if I will put it on again.I see there is a safe link on here to get it.Once before when I had some trouble I solved it by uninstalling FF & then reinstalling it.
LOL Yes,I know where Startup is.I'm not as dumb as I might seem in my posts.
Thank you for the tips.

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Please do not associate the word dumb with your ability or anything that is done or shared here.


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DC I took no offense at your asking me if I knew where the Start button is. I should not have used the word"dumb".I meant computer challenged.It is just that since having a mild stroke I get confused easily & have a harder time following instructions.
Change is hard for me.After using Firefox for 8 years,switching to something that looks so different is daunting.But I will find my way around on Chrome.It looks better today than yesterday.

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