a memory card problem

dahlia6September 26, 2011

All of a sudden the pictures on my memory card will not transfer to my computer. The five pictures that I took yesterday are shown on my camera but when I insert in my HP 4500 ALL IN ONE printer they do not transfer. I've never had such a problem. This is the only memory card I have ever had. Could it be just old all of a sudden? The printer is connected properly..no changes there. I hope someone can help me. I find I get on the mark answers more quickly from this forum than going to a owner support web site. Thanks to all!

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I presume you are not getting a notice of a 'new' drive being found when you insert the card?

Try right click on Start
click Explore after inserting the memory card and see if it is listed on the left side.
If so click on it to hopefully view the images on the right side of your screen.
You then click on those to highlight, right click on the highlight and click 'Copy' then paste it into the folder of your choice.

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Reboot your system and try again. Assuming you use the "safely remove" process sometimes you can shut down the card port accidently.

If you do not use the "safely remove" process you may have answered your question. One of the potential results of not removing the card properly is the media becomes read-only.

Hope things work out.


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Oh my goodness, I had no idea there was a wrong way of installing and un-nstalling a memory card from a camera to a desktop. Does that apply to X-P SP3???

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It applies to any and all devices that you put into ports on your computer regardless of the operating system your computer is running. A memory card, a "thumb" drive, an external hard drive, or anything that plugs into a USB port or a memory reader port on a computer should only be removed after clicking the Safely Remove Hardware icon to stop any activity on the device. Otherwise you risk damaging the device or the port on the computer and losing information stored on the device.

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Thanks grandms,
As you can probably tell by now, I haven't used a memory card very often. The next time I will use it correctly.

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